Remember that traffic accident thread, where I babbled about being focused on your driving?

This morning, driving to work, a car ahead of me on the freeway was weaving a little, at 85 km/h (in a 90 km/h zone) near my turnoff. I could see the woman driving was doing something with the mirror, so I dropped back. We entered a construction zone (they are improving my turnoff) and she continued to fuss with the mirror, drifted to the right, and drove right into the back end of an empty, parked flatbed semi-trailer. Her car went right under the end of the trailer, shearing the windshield and top off.

I parked, took my mobile and called the emergency number (112 in Sweden), then jumped out and ran over to the car. Her head was in the back seat, smiling. Fresh mascara was smeared down her cheek. I couldn't find her right hand.

I skipped lunch today.

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