Mother's Day Weekend

I have been blessed with a mother's day weekend!

Friday at preschool my girls held a tea for the mommies. Lexie's started at 10:30 and Maddie's at 10:45. I took turns going from one class to the next, being escorted to the tiny tables and chairs for snacks of fruit and pink lemonade. After being seated I was sung to by vociferous little people, telling stories of being a bug that goes crunchy munchy wunchy, and other love songs. Lexie and I got it together after awhile and both went to Maddie's class for a story and my present. A T-shirt I had supplied was adorned with Madison's little hand in purple paint made to look like a flower in a pot with the words,"Mother's Love Helps Me To Grow".

We all went to Lexie's class...and Lex had made stationery with thumb prints made to look like bugs plus matching envelopes. I could have hugged those girls for weeks and smooched their lil faces forever...Ahhhhhhhh.

Gareth and I went out to a Japanese steak house for dinner last night. YUM!! Nothing like food being prepared right in front of your eyes. Big ol' hunks of meat and seafood mixed with mushrooms, zucchini, onions and shoots. I couldn't believe we were out of there in an hour, but thankfully those veggies moved out of the way fast enough to have ice cream when we got home. It will be fun to go again and take the girlies.

This morning as I awoke to the practice chorus of Happy Mother's Day To You, the sun was shining and I had an itch to till in the garden. My neighbor happily handed over the tiller and I set to work. Lexie and I planted some melons, zucchini, squash, cukes, and a variety of beans. Earlier Madison helped us with a mix of veggies for a children's garden.

I'm exhausted, but happy!

How was your Mother's Day?

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