Kitchen Isn't

Every since I had my oldest daughter was old enough to talk, we have called Saturday "Stay home and clean house day" even if we weren't cleaning on that day. It denoted the day Mom, at least, didn't go to work and later that the kids didn't have school. So today was stay home and clean house day. Since my schedule isn't a Mon- Fri schedule anymore I often clean house on different days, but today I envoked the clean house rule and asked (then had to demand) that the kids help. When cleaning we always start with the worst room first to ensure that it gets done.

Because of my crazy schedule this week, the kitchen looks like a disaster zone. Just walking into it was depressing. So I decided to break the rules and start on the Living Room and then do the Kitchen.

Living Room is done, Kitchen is still depressing. Decided Living Room could use some more work. Cleaned the ceiling fans and even wiped down lightbulbs.

Kitchen still doesn't look any more inviting, so decided to do the Dining Room next instead. Dining Room is done, Kitchen isn't. Decided to clean out the kids computer desk drawers in the Dining Room.

Kitchen looks like a wreck, do the Office next. Office is done, Kitchen isn't. Decided catch all drawer in Office needs cleaned out. Drawer done, Kitchen isn't.

Sara (5 year old) wants to wash windows. Out of window cleaner. Off to store to buy some. Sara and Renee wash windows. Mom supervised (this is called taking a break). Windows done, Kitchen isn't.

Kitchen looks worse than it did when we started cause the kids put the trash bags they filled in middle of floor. Bathroom needs cleaned. Bathroom done. Kitchen isn't. Decided to clean out medicine chest in bathroom.

Only 2 rooms left on 1st floor, Kitchen and Back Porch. Peek in Back Porch (entry type room) Kids have dumped a box of toys and the cat has spilled her cat litter all over. Ugh. What a choice. Decide to clean out Fridge. Fridge is done. Kitchen isn't.

Decided Back Porch was lesser of two evils and tackled it. Back Porch is done. Kitchen isn't. Decided to clean out Pantry. Pantry done, Kitchen isn't.

Decided to clean bedrooms next. Master Bedroom done, Kitchen isn't. Kid's Room done, Kitchen isn't.

Look at Kitchen again, really must do something here. Can't cook supper till I do some dishes and clean up some of the mess.

Decide to clean Upstairs Bathroom. Bathroom done, Kitchen isn't. Decided to pull washer and dryer (in upstairs bathroom) out and clean behind there.

Kitchen is all that's left. Wait, haven't clean the spare room in ages. Don't I have a bunch of summer clothes in there that need boxed up and put away. Yes! Clothes boxed up, Spare Room cleaned, Kitchen isn't.

Almost time to call it a day. Kids are wearing thin. Decide I really must do Kitchen. Take the bags of trash to outside holding area. Cousin comes over to tell me about her daughter's bike a thon. She raised the most money. Decide to sit and visit.

No getting up now. Day is done, for work at least. Worn out. House is done, Kitchen isn't.

Now if I hadn't procastinated on the Kitchen, I wouldn't have a clean pantry, clean ceiling fans, clean windows, clean fridge, clean spare room, clean washer and dryer area, clean catch all drawer, clean medicine chest and clean computer desk.

The moral of this story is....don't let your husband come home through the back door (kitchen area) if you don't want to hear "Did you do anything today?" for a greeting.

PS, we're calling in an order for cheeseburgers and curly fries at the drive in for dinner tonight :)

© copyright, 1998, Nancy Jo Langellier
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