Several things amaze me about Zippergate, and the timing of Desert Fox...

1.) A month ago, many in Congress were advised that the next bombing would be immediate and without warning, pending a UN report from Butler (Richard, I believe is his first name). The report came, and the bombs fell. Clinton did what he said he would do. It could have happened last week... it could have been next week. But it wasn't. It was this week. Given the amount of suspicion and doubt that he must have known would result from bombing Iraq now, with impeachment looming over his head, the fact that he went ahead and did what he promised seems to me a good thing. However, some of the officially advised are now saying they hadn't been. Damned if he does, damned if he don't... he doesn't bomb, and he's a no-backbone, can't-fullfill-his-promise dweeb. Bomb them to hell (or merely to the iron age, as the case may be), and he's trying to distract us from impeachment. Shame on us all for shaming him w/o first walking in his shoes. He did the only thing he could in a situation out of his control. How long does it take to fix a simple pot-hole? Do you think he could have set up a full, albiet relatively small, military strike on such short notice? I neither support, nor oppose the man. I feel sorry for him, and all of us for being subjected to the petty and ill-conceived motivations of his opponents, and for being so petty in our judgements ourselves.

2.) Many people are taking this VERY personally. I don't understand this. What has Clinton done that many of our leaders, to say nothing of many of our family and friends haven't? Are any of us really that morally and ethically sterile that we can honestly try, judge, and convict him in the Court of Moral Authority? How dare us stand on a moral platform and denounce him for actions we have forgiven in others? What has he done that hasn't been done before, except to do it in an information rich arena, and thus get caught? What has he done that we find so hard to let go of, when many much more close to us are easily forgiven? Understand that I speak as much metaphorically, as specifically here.

3.) Zippergate and it's consequences illustrates the NUMBER ONE reason why the President of the United States, or for that matter, any leader in our modern instant news environment, absolutely MUST maintain an absolutely spotless personal and ethical lifestyle. Look at what's happened to our political process. Look at what has happened to our collective psyche. This has brought the worst out in most of our representatives, and many of us as well. Unfortunate, but all too true. Clinton, from what I can tell, is the first President to be so inflicted with such public and Official Congressional scorn for personal actions outside the scope of his official duties. No, it's not Clinton's fault that other's have reacted like petty junior high school children. No, their reactions and behavior are their responsibility. But by the same token, it may not be my "fault" that a black man is angered by my use of the term "porch monkey" in polite conversation, but I can certainly avoid the situation by using a modicum of basic common sense. Had he kept his impulses in check, there would have been nothing to hide, and it would have ended months ago with an ill-fated sexual harassment suit. I have no faith in our collective ability to maintain a mature and rational state of mind regarding the ethical or moral lapses of public figures. I've been given no reason to have faith. That is to our shame. We, in a word, *suck* as moral judges. So it remains to the public figure in question to avoid giving us any soap operatic fodder for our empty heads and hearts to munch on.

I'm sure that not all will agree with me on these things, and that's okay. I'm not here to argue, but merely to express my disappointment in us as a whole.

Finally.) Squanto wants to play with my brother's rats. He's out of town for a couple of weeks, and I'm keeping them for him. I'd like to think that they'd have a great friendship, but for some reason, I just don't trust Squanto's little canine motives. :)

© copyright, 1998, David Veatch
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