The Quiet Snow

I am away from the sun of Southern California, ensconced in my brother's house in Southampton, NY..and it is snowing! Wonderful soft white snow that covers the trees and the cars and the colored lights in white blankets of peace on earth! or something like that..

I am so behind on socks mail because I can't get to my vcommons account, but mostly because I have been here in the Hamptons with my brother and his wife and their three dogs and a fair assortment of parents and in-laws. We spend our days shopping in Sag Harbor or wondering..err..shivering through "downtown" Southampton. A town with only one movie theatre, but a Saks and a Aveda salon and a number of tres chic boutiques.

I went down and stared at the Atlantic Ocean today. It is so different than the Pacific that I see out my window every morning. I am not sure how, but it reminds me more of the sea..the whaling, blustery sea. Survival in the face of the elements. The ocean I call home makes me think of surfers and stoners and warm nights partying on rooftops. Melville vs. Ellis.

I haven't been back to the Northeast for almost three years. It has been a rollercoaster of nostalgia to be here. The houses, the people..everything is so..NOT California.

Anyway..I was thinking of socks and wishing all of your could share this perfect quiet, this complete tranqility of fireplace and dogs and laughter in the other room from some silly board game I have already played too many times today. But most of all I wish you could share the snow. The quiet cleansing snow. It is absolutely a gift for me :)

Happy holidays socks!

© copyright, 1998, Rebecca Parrish
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