Time's Dance

On the drive home today Michelle realized that it had only been a few short months since Christmas. It felt like the better part of a year - eons - anything but what it actually was. Just 3 short months. I knew exactly what she meant.

But all I could say was, "Then how come it feels like it was only two weeks ago that they were waddling around in their diapers?"

And I can remember it so clearly it brings tears to my eyes.


Every now and then I realize just how long Lexie's life feels to her. She's going to turn 5 on April 30. That's like an eternity away for her. No, not like. It *is*.

After she's had a nap, for example, she has a very hard time describing her day to me when I ask her what she's done. Anything that happened before her nap was OBVIOUSLY yesterday! And she will argue till she's blue in the face if we dare try and dispute that. :)

A day to her can take forever. Or it can be gone before she knows it. She seems to like 'em fine both ways.


I think about all the things I've done sometimes and I feel old.

I think about all the things that I know have yet to do and I feel like a baby, still unsure of how to even walk.

I see my Mother's hair turning silver and I don't know how I feel... I think it's beautiful... And it frightens me.

I see my daughters growing up so fast I'm afraid to blink for fear I'll miss something.


Time is like a dancer I think. You've got to keep watching to catch all the spins and twists it does. It can move so fast you think you'll go insane if it doesn't just STOP ALREADY! And then, usually, right when you need one, you get a little slow dance. And you catch your breath for a bit...

...Maybe. Like in another 10 or 20 years.

© copyright, 1999, Gareth Bramley
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