An original painting by Verity of her dreamhouse

by Verity

Welcome to my dream. :-)

In my yard you'll find a couple of dogs. They'll be farm dogs, because whilst they're practical, they're also very devoted and loving lots of fun. You might see a few chickens scratching outside, lots of rainbow lorekeets, some galahs, and a cockatoo or three. These birds will all congregate here because of the multitudes of trees all around. You'll find I have a few horses roaming around in the valley, as well as some sheep to keep the grass at bay. I have a milking cow as well. If you're interested, I can teach you how to do the milking while you're here.

On all sides of the house there stretches a wide wooden verandah, upon which rests many wonderful and varied pot plants. There are vines growing energetically up the wooden columns which support the overhanging roof of curved corrugated iron. You might find me standing out on this verandah, barefoot, leaning on one of the support pylons, chewing quietly on the soft, sweet bottom end of a piece of grass, gazing in wonder at the world around me. Or from inside while you converse, you might hear a deep resonating sound and wander outside to find me playing my didjeridoo, eyes closed, rocking back and forth, feeling the rhythm as a part of myself.

There are large pane glass windows running from floor to ceiling in each room, allowing a steady stream of natural light, as well as showing off the wonderful views at all aspects of the house. The whole house has a warm, rugged, colonial feel, mixed with a modernity which suggests ease and efficiency of living.

There are be series of bedrooms along the back of the house, each equipped with its own ensuite, so if anyone wants to stay over (which you are always welcome to do), you will always be comfortable and have your own space and privacy. There is also a fireplace in the main room where we congregate, so that in moments of deep thought we can stare, mesmerised by the sight of the flames caressing each other, listening to the crackle and pop of the wood burning, inhaling the sweet smoky scent.

Christine writes: We're all sitting in this front room, lounging on various couches and chairs which are draped in bright rugs and punctuated with pillows. Most of us are drinking coffee or tea, and there is an extra bowel of sugar just for Scott.

Ummm... I'm a bit concerned about giving Scott a "bowel" *chuckle*... I think he'd prolly prefer that home made clay sugar bowl I've got in the kitchen. ;)

I also have a great stock of some of the wonderful Australian wines, especially those reds from the Coonawarra Valley in South Australia, and the whites from the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, as well as some beers in the fridge for those who prefer that kind of thing. Oh, and I've made sure to have a supply of tawny port for people like myself who feel there is something missing without it when sitting in front of a crackling fireplace (eating Prunka chocolates).

We talk deliberately and with the knowledge that our visit doesn't have to end. There is no dinnertime, no nighttime. No time to get back to work. Verity's house is always open, and there is always someone around to talk to.

If you feel the need for a few moments alone, away from the discussions, you might like to visit my study, which is a relatively large room, lined from floor to ceiling, on all sides, with books - ranging from Shakespeare, to Little Golden Books and Computer Manuals, to Goethe, to Encyclopaedia and Bird Watcher Books, to the Teenage Girl Adventure Novels written by my natural mother over years past. No matter who you are, you will find something of interest to you on those shelves. Just take your time, wander around the room, drink in the smell of the wood polish and old book covers. Of course, there's a computer there as well; you may prefer to do some reading using my internet connection. ;-)

For those of you who have children, I haven't forgotten about them! There is an area I have set up which has Leggo for the builders, children's books, a place for them to sleep comfortably, a little table with little chairs and little cups of milk. There would be a little truck, a hand crafted rocking horse, a baby's crib for Kaia, balls to juggle (I can teach them!), clothes to dress up in, lots of too-big shoes to try on, old make up to play with, colouring pencils, paper, watercolours... you may like to bring along some toys as well? Any suggestions?

Hmmmm... music... we need to look at that because my collection is currently a bit limited - there needs to be an ambience to go with all of this... I'll start the list for our collection... Bob Marley, Nat King Cole, Nina Simone, Enya, Mark Knopfler, kd lang, Harry Connick Jnr, Madonna, Earth Healer (Silk Road), Duran Duran (for Zoner), Absent Friends, Vanessa Daou (for David)... does anyone want to add anything to that list?

We talk of the issues of the day, sometimes in heated debate, sometimes waxing poetic. Every now and then two or three people will break into a private conversation, but soon join into the general discussion once more. We always speak thoughtfully, and in an educated manner. Sometimes we spill our souls, but there is always a hug waiting. :-)

Yes, I'll certainly be willing to give out hugs! And I think Scott might be as well. :-) I can tell you already, that his hug earlier today made me feel much better (he was right, that was exactly what I needed). :-)

My home is yours. Please, make yourselves comfortable, pull up a chair and join in with those of us that are already here. You'd like a cushion? Oh, here, catch! You know where everything is now, so help yourselves... yes, the coffee's in the kitchen, and the wine cellar is, well, it's in the cellar! *grin* ...enjoy my dream home with me.

Thank you extreme amounts Christine, firstly for giving me such a wonderful house, and secondly for helping me to really give my dream home some life. :-) *hug* ...what a great experience! :-) :-) :-)


© copyright, 1997, Verity Warn and Christine Tripunitara
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