For Jenny's 50th Birthday

The next half-century: what will it be like? We know that as the century began, it seemed like the sky was the limit: They once thought everyone would soon have his airplane, disease would be conquered, and that having solved the problems of the earth, we could move on to other worlds.

Two world wars later, and after other unsolved, seething troubles and conflicts at home and abroad, our dreams are chastened. Where are we going? We no longer dream of a space-ship on every lawn , instead we worry about terrors like global warming, pollution, AIDS, terrorism, and the absence of heroes.

Well, Jenny, maybe the answer to the future is in you. As we get discouraged about the outside world, maybe now our inner world can grow and blossom. That is how the Romantic Movement began, with an inner vision, after disillusionment with the failed ideals of the French Revolution.

Good luck to you, Jenny, for the next half-century.

© copyright, 1997, Vincent Badger
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