Getting Offline Folks Online

We are a twisted bunch of lonely perverts, or we're a bunch of folks who can extend our reality to include folks that exist in some other sphere. Or
something else.

I wonder sometimes...

The computer is like an extension of myself, in a way that I do not see happening in many people around me. Most of the developers I know use their computers as much as I do, but it's a tool not an extension. Sometimes a person just really grabs hold of it and is able to express themselves easily using the computer. You are all streams of text across my screen with occasional forays into electronic images.

I'm much the same online as offline, and I love sitting in a park, just as much as I love late night chats with folks from around the world. I am a little overwhelmed by some of the discussions, but I listen and learn. Usually, by the time I think of something to say (I have to think long and hard about some things, some things I just blurt out) on a difficult topic, the thread has died and a new *serious topic* fills the subject lines.

Sometimes the cost of my life is high and right now I am spending more time offline, but still on the computer, and less time online. A much less satisfying situation when the work I am doing is not interesting but intense. I'm also driving around a lot. And juggling Mary and my mother. I'm writing more, which is great. Sometimes I compose stories while driving, but they disappear into the air and I haven't captured them.

Mary is accepting of you, my friends, in the same way that she is accepting of my friends that she has met, in person. She finds the pace of socks a bit much, too fast some days, and she still is quite hands off when it comes to the computer.

Oh, fun time is over, friends, my schedule indicates that this is work time that I am infringing upon.

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