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Cory Francis Myers


Network Architect, Trinity Mobile Networks, New Haven, CT (Jan 2017 – present)
Design, build, and maintain virtualized and hybrid-cloud systems for development, testing, and production use of JumpnetSDN, Trinity’s software-defined network for mobile devices. Advise internally on matters of performance, scaling, and carrier-grade integration with customers’ underlay and upstream networks. Oversee development of internal tools.

Systems Engineer, Trinity Mobile Networks, New Haven, CT (Jun 2015 – Dec 2016)
Contributed to the architecture and prototyping of JumpnetSDN. As an early engineer, designed control-plane architecture and protocols, factored out libraries and microservices from monolithic prototype code, and introduced continuous-integration and continuous-deployment practices.

Undergraduate Fellow, Information Society Project, Yale Law School, New Haven, CT (Jan – May 2015)
Helped train a machine-learning system to infer the political and rhetorical stance of public comments on the Federal Communications Commission’s 2015 rulemaking on network neutrality. Resident Fellows Colin Agur and Gabriel Michaels’s resulting paper, “The Bully Pulpit, Social Media, and Public Opinion: A Big Data Approach,” was presented at the September 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA).

Instructor, Yale Young Global Scholars Program, New Haven, CT (Jul 2013)
Designed and taught two seminars, “The Philosophy and Law of Privacy” and “Intellectual Property in American Law,” and co-taught writing workshops—both for groups of a dozen high-school students.

Volunteer Field Technician, Nepal Wireless Networking Project, Nangi, Myagdi, Nepal (May 2013)
Maintained and upgraded solar-powered wireless installations in the villages of Darbang and Nistok.

Intern, Public Access Networks Corporation (Panix), New York, NY (Jul – Aug 2009, Jul – Aug 2011) Researched, recommended, and integrated new internal and customer-facing software. Wrote custom single-sign-on module for PHP- and Python-based Web applications.


Hall, S., and C. Myers. 2016. “Overloading Address Space for Improved Routing, Diagnostics, and Content-Relay Network.” US patent application no. 62/290986, filed February 2016. Patent pending.


Trustee, Telluride Association, Ithaca, NY (2013 – present)
Help manage the programs of the Telluride Association, a nonprofit organization that creates and fosters democratically-governed educational communities. Current duties include serving as a co-chair of the committee that oversees the Telluride Association Summer Program and managing a multi-year outside contract to migrate Telluride’s alumni data into a modern constituent-relations manager (CRM).


Yale College, New Haven, CT (2012–2015)
Major in philosophy (thesis pending). Graduate-level coursework: aesthetic and continental philosophy.

Deep Springs College, Deep Springs, CA (2010–2012)
Program of work and study.


Languages. Native English, intermediate written Attic Greek, basic written and spoken German, basic written and spoken Spanish.

Computer languages. C, Python, R, Scheme.

Miscellaneous. Tractor and small-motor operation and maintenance. Agricultural irrigation. Dairying.