Before the invention of algebra, calcuseless consisted of coloring in the area below the line, or measuring the slope of the line, or making lines… oh hell, I don’t know what it consisted of before Algebra. Although your parents say they took Calculus before you did and didn’t whine about it, it was entirely Pre-Algebra Calculus. Just ask for help with your homework, you’ll see. What I’m trying to say is that your parents are retards (no offense). The original use of calculus (which is still used today by some), was to test students for the capability of practicing ritualistic Satan worship: By forcing students to stay up for hours unended, and show no signs of lack of sleep, and also “think outside the box”, it was possible to find those who would be able to take part in night-long Satanic rituals. Calculus is still used today in this fashion by sadistic teachers who hope that you fail anyway. Gawd! I LOVE CALCULUS!