So I said I am Ezra
and the wind whipped my throat
gaming for the sounds of my voice
    I listened to the wind
go over my head and up into the night
Turning to the sea I said
            I am Ezra
but there were no echoes from the waves
The words were swallowed up
    in the voice of the surf
or leaping over the swells
lost themselves oceanward
    Over bleached and broken fields
I moved my feet and turning from the wind
    that ripped sheets of sand
    from the beach and threw them
    like seamists across the dunes
swayed as if the wind were taking me away
and said
            I am Ezra
As a word too much repeated
falls out of being
so I Ezra went out into the night
like a drift of sand
and splashed among the windy oats
that clutch the dunes
of unremembered seas

A. R. Ammons, “So I Said I Am Ezra”, in Collected Poems, 1951–1971