But you really must applaud the advertising, the unabashed sexiness, the open appeal to youthful sensuality sans explicit raunch or the typical hints of pedophilia or abuse or typical obnoxious modeling gloss.


Is it lightly pornographic? Why yes, yes it is. Is that such a horrible thing? The fact that healthy nonretouched youthful multiethnic sexuality is being flaunted in the face of FCC crackdowns and rampant right-wing homophobia and screeching Focus on the Family dogma and Laura Bush?

Oh, I know, it’s all just sly marketing BS. This ain’t exactly revelation, a new sexual revolution. But then again, doesn’t it help counter the dark and rigid forces of the culture, just a little? Or does it contribute to them? You be the judge. I vote for the former.

Mark Morford, “Porn Stars in My Underwear”