Though God may no longer call us, this does not mean that human beings are not called at all.


I am deeply suspicious of the gap that is supposed to separate the many little meanings that are part of our usual dealings with persons and things from one great world-transcendent Meaning supposed to be necessary to ground the former. I am suspicious of appeals to transcendence thus understood. To be sure, I[,] too, insist that to live a full life, human beings must recognize that they depend for meaning on something transcending their freedom. But this transcendence is not to be understood in opposition to the world and to time. It is very much a worldly or perhaps better an earthly transcendence.

Karsten Harries, “Art and the Sacred: Postscript to a Seminar”, in Christian Spirituality and the Culture of Modernity: The Thought of Louis Dupré, edited by Peter J. Casarella and George P. Schner