I am Kilamuwa, son of Hayya. I sat upon the throne of my father. During the reigns of the former kings, the muškabim were living like dogs. But I was to some a father; and to some I was a mother; and to some I was a brother. Whoever had never possessed a sheep, I made a lord of a flock. Whoever had never possessed an ox, I made owner of a herd and owner of silver and lord of gold. Whoever from his childhood had never seen linen, now in my days wore byssos-cloth. I took the muškabim by the hand and they showed [me] affection like the affection of a fatherless child toward [its] mother.

Inscription, Stele des Fürsten Kilamuwa, S 6579, Pergamon Museum, translated by K. Lawson Younger