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Touring and Dancing

  • 1999 Our First Trip to Europe
  • 2000 The Adventure Continued
    • Vintage Dancing in Praha, Czech Republic
    • Folk Dancing in Tabor, Czech Republic
    • Touring Irland
  • 2001 Included Travel to Egypt, Nachod and Salt Lake City
    • An April trip to Egypt to Visit Lois' Relative
    • The Dvorana Folkdance Tour to Nachod, Czech Republic
  • What next?
  • A Polka Festival without Pivo is like a Crab Feast without Beer. From the bar in the restaurant at Hotel Padevět, located just to the left upon exiting the train station in Česká Trebová, we obtained this glorious example of Czech beer. It is a half-and-half beer, "Lite" on the bottom and dark on the top! The Czech name for it is řezané pivo. In some Irish bars in America, it is also called Black and Tan. You can learn to pour a pint; View a YouTube video clip

    Town Coat of Arms

    FOTW, "Flags of the World," Web Site has more to say about the origin of the town's emblem.

   Current Date: Tuesday 9th of August 2022 01:13:57 PM EDT

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