How the Ratings Work

100-90: Masterpiece, or damn close. Very rare.

 89-80: Fanthefucktastic. Near-lock for my year-end top 10 list.

 79-70: Definitely something special. Do not miss. Likely list contender.

 69-60: Very good, but also flawed or missing some crucial element.

 59-50: Didn’t quite work for me, but has many redeeming qualities.

 49-40: Demerits clearly outweigh merits.

 39-30: I really did not enjoy this picture, but talent was involved.

 29-20: When will this fucking picture end. When.

 19-10: Outright fiasco and/or unwatchably boring.

   9-0: One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Very rare.

   W/O: I don’t know the director and the first two reels (about 35 to 40 minutes) didn’t convince me that (s)he has it going on.