2021 in Films

Format adapted from Charles François, who I still hope will one day rediscover his cinephilia and start hanging out with myself and the Skandies crew again. It’s been ten years since he last used it and I hereby declare it in the public domain.

Combine the first two columns for a list of films released (or "released") in 2021, and the last two columns for films seen in 2021. Ordering is preferential when ratings are identical.

Seen Previously
Movies I saw in 2020 {or before} that were released in the U.S. in 2021. Films not yet released but currently scheduled for this year are indicated by a (→).
Seen in 2020
Movies I saw shortly before, during or after their 2021 U.S. run. Asterisks (*) indicate films seen prior to their actual release. TV-only "runs" (arbitrarily deemed eligible) get a (†).
To Be Released
Movies I saw in 2021 which are still awaiting a U.S. release. Those known to have lined up distribution are indicated by a (→). Production {year} is listed if film is more than two years old.

A For All Time

A- Event

*Pig (Sarnoski) 84

B+/A- Near Great

*The Killing of Two Lovers (Machoian) 78

B+ Must See

B/B+ Warmly Recommended

Annette (Carax) 72
Short Vacation (Kwon, Seo) 71

B Recommended

*No Sudden Move (Soderbergh) 67
Cliff Walkers (Zhang) 66
About Endlessness (Andersson) 65

B-/B Recommended with Mild Reservations

*White Lie (Lewis, Thomas) 62
Operation Varsity Blues (Smith) 61
Beginning (Kulumbegashvili) 61
Days (Tsai) 60
Wood and Water (Bak) 60

B- Recommended with Strong Reservations

*Stowaway (Penna) 59
*Teenage Emotions (Da) 58
The Disciple (Tamhane) 56

C+/B- On the Fence, Leaning Forward

*Keep an Eye Out (Dupieux) 54
Oxygen (Aja) 54
*Mandibles (Dupieux) 53
State Funeral (Loznitsa) 52
Undine (Petzold) 51

C+ Take It or Leave It

*The Courier (Cooke) 50
Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar (Greenbaum) 50
*Rams (Sims) 50
The Salt of Tears (Garrel) 49
Judas and the Black Messiah (King) 49
MLK/FBI (Pollard) 48
*The Ice Road (Hensleigh) 48
*Summer of 85 (Ozon) 47
The Woman Who Ran (Hong) 46

C/C+ On the Fence, Leaning Backward

*Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time (Horvát) 45
Oh Mercy (Desplechin) 44
I Carry You With Me (Ewing) 43

C Pass

*12 Mighty Orphans (Roberts) 42
*The Power (Faith) 41
Nine Days (Oda) 41
Wrath of Man (Ritchie) 40
Notturno (Rosi) 39
Spoor (Holland, Adamik) 38
Introduction (Hong) 38
*Outside the Wire (Håfström) 37

C- Ugh

*Penguin Bloom (Ivin) 35
*Awake (Raso) 33
Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (Hughes) 31
Malmkrog (Puiu) 28

D+ Double-Ugh

*Here Today (Crystal) 25

D Bomb

F Burn the Negative

Walk-outs Channel Surfing

Aleph (Radivojevic)
*All Light, Everywhere (Anthony)
All the Light We Can See (Escoto)
Apples (Nikou)
Atlantis (Vasyanovych)
Bebia, à mon seul désir (Dobrachkous)
Flora & Ulysses (Khan)
Friends and Strangers (Vaughan)
Gull (Kim)
Luzzu (Camilleri)
Madalena (Marcheti)
Moon, 66 Questions (Lentzou)
One Night in Miami... (King)
Quo Vadis, Aida? (Źbanić)
Radiograph of a Family (Khosrovani)
Raya and the Last Dragon (Hall, López Estrada)
Rock Bottom Riser (Silva)
Share (Bianco)
Shiva Baby (Seligman)
Stop-Zemlia (Gornostai)
Taming the Garden (Joshi)
This Is My Desire (Esiris)
The Trouble With Being Born (Wollner)
We're All Going to the World's Fair (Schoenbrun)
Wùlu {2017} (Couilbaly)

Incomplete Mishap/Bad Timing