2024 in Films

Format adapted from Charles François, who I still hope will one day rediscover his cinephilia and start hanging out with myself and the Skandies crew again. It’s been ten years since he last used it and I hereby declare it in the public domain.

Combine the first two columns for a list of films released (or "released") in 2024, and the last two columns for films seen in 2024. Ordering is preferential when ratings are identical.

Seen Previously
Movies I saw in 2023 {or before} that were released in the U.S. in 2024. Films not yet released but currently scheduled for this year are indicated by a (→).
Seen in 2024
Movies I saw shortly before, during or after their 2024 U.S. run. Asterisks (*) indicate films seen prior to their actual release. TV-only "runs" (arbitrarily deemed eligible) get a (†).
To Be Released
Movies I saw in 2024 which are still awaiting a U.S. release. Those known to have lined up distribution are indicated by a (→). Production {year} is listed if film is more than two years old.

A For All Time

A- Event

B+/A- Near Great

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar. and Three More: "The Swan", "The Rat Catcher", and "Poison" by Roald Dahl (Anderson) 80

B+ Must See

B/B+ Warmly Recommended

Challengers (Guadagnino) 71
Hit Man (Linklater) 69

B Recommended

Pictures of Ghosts (Mendonça Filho) 64

B-/B Recommended with Mild Reservations

*Evil Does Not Exist (Hamaguchi) 63
Last Summer (Breillat) 63
*Do Not Expect Too Much From the End of the World (Jude) 62
The Beast (Bonello) 60

B- Recommended with Strong Reservations

A Quiet Place: Day One (Sarnoski) 59
*Janet Planet (Baker) 58
Lumberjack the Monster (Miike) 57
*Kinds of Kindness (Lanthimos) 57
Hundreds of Beavers (Cheslik) 56
Love Lies Bleeding (Glass) 55

C+/B- On the Fence, Leaning Forward

Gut Instinct (Dillaman) 54
Green Border (Holland) 54
Horizon: An American Saga—Chapter 1 (Costner) 53
Dune: Part Two (Villeneuve) 53
Longlegs (Perkins) 52
All We Imagine as Light (Kapadia) 52
Coma (Bonello) 51
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (Miller) 51

C+ Take It or Leave It

Io capitano (Garrone) 50
Kidnapped (Bellocchio) 50
Coup de chance (Allen) 49
Gasoline Rainbow (Rosses) 49
Civil War (Garland) 49
Mother and Son (Serraille) 49
The Shadowless Tower (Zhang) 48
Henry James' Drive-Away Dykes (Coen) 48
Together 99 (Moodysson) 46

C/C+ On the Fence, Leaning Backward

A Traveler's Needs (Hong) 45
The Old Oak (Loach) 44
The Settlers (Gálvez) 43
The Fall Guy. (Leitch) 42

C Pass

Firebrand (Aïnouz) 40
In Our Day (Hong) 39
Banel & Adama (Sy) 39
Club Zero (Hausner) 38
Here (Devos) 37

C- Ugh

I Saw the TV Glow (Schoenbrun) 35
Asphalt City (Sauvaire) 34

D+ Double-Ugh

D Bomb

F Burn the Negative

Walk-outs Channel Surfing

Anton's Right Here {2012} (Arkus)
Ashkal (Chebbi)
Checkpoint {2003} (Shamir)
Disco Boy (Abbruzzese)
Domingo and the Mist (Escalante)
The First Omen (Stevenson)
Ghostlight (O'Sullivan, Thompson)
The Hero {2004} (Gamboa)
How to Have Sex (Manning Walker)
I Used to Be Funny (Pankiw)
Inshallah a Boy (Al Rasheed)
Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell (Phạm)
La Jauría (Ramírez Pulido)
The Mother of All Lies (El Moudir)
Nervous Translation (Seno)
October 17, 1961 {2005} (Tasma)
A Prince (Creton)
Terrestrial Verses (Asgari, Khatami)
Three Step Dancing {2003} (Mereu)
Under the Fig Trees (Sehiri)

Incomplete Mishap/Bad Timing