Carrington (Christopher Hampton)

Rating: 2.0

CARRINGTON is the remarkable story of two unique and idiosyncrazzzzzzz.  
Hurrm?  Oh, I'm sorry.  As I was saying, CARRINGTON is a penetrating 
study of two of the most creative members of the Bloomsbzzzzzzzzzzz.  
Good god, this movie is dull; only Jonathan Pryce's terrific performance 
as Lytton Strachey prevented me from fervently wishing myself elsewhere.  
Like most biographical films, this one seems to have originated from the 
following impulse: "Boy, these people sure led interesting lives!  
Wouldn't they make great dramatic characters?!"  In a word, 
no...especially if one chooses to dramatize two decades of their lives, in 
order to avoid omitting any of the juicy anecdotes one's research has 
uncovered.  Casting boring actors in the secondary roles is another 
surefire way of stupefying an audience, and every tedious thespian in 
England seems to be on display here.  It's worth at least the price of a 
matinee for anyone who admires Pryce, but try not to go when you're 
already feeling drowsy.