Copycat (Jon Amiel)

Rating: 2.0

An unexceptional, by-the-numbers thriller, with little to recommend it 
save for one interesting gimmick (revealed in the film's advertising), a 
surprisingly creepy performance by crooner Harry Connick, Jr., and (for 
Police fans like myself) the use of "Murder by Numbers" as a minor plot 
point.  Holly Hunter seems embarrassed by her conventional role and 
struggles valiantly to do something interesting; watching her flail 
around in vain for over two hours was an uncomfortable experience.  
Sigourney Weaver surrenders to the banal script and fares a bit better.  
A respected Internet film critic (who shall remain nameless) proclaimed 
COPYCAT a better film than SE7EN and THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS; I 
respectfully submit that this critic must have been on drugs during the