Movie Nerd Discussion Group Top 10

Last updated: 3 Oct [no change]

Numbers in parentheses represent the previous week’s placement. Links are to trailers.

01. RRR (S S Rajamouli) (1)
02. The Girl and the Spider (Ramon & Silvan Zürcher) (2)
03. (tie) Barbarian (Zach Cregger) (3)
03. (tie) Mad God (Phil Tippett) (3)
05. Fire of Love (Sara Dosa) (5)
06. Hustle (Jeremiah Zagar) (6)
07. (tie) Jackass Forever (Jeff Tremaine) (7)
07. (tie) Top Gun: Maverick (Joseph Kosinski) (7)
09. (tie) Apollo 10½: A Space-Age Childhood (Richard Linklater) (9)
09. (tie) In Front of Your Face (Hong Sangsoo) (9)

And just for fun, the ten worst-rated films—though, again, bear in mind that films receiving fewer than ten votes (which would likely include most of the truly terrible ones) aren’t tallied.

(Total number of films ranked: 59)

58. (tie) Jurassic World Dominion (Colin Trevorrow)
58. (tie) Rifkin's Festival (Woody Allen)
57. Moonfall (Roland Emmerich)
56. Death on the Nile (Kenneth Branagh)
55. The Gray Man (Anthony & Joe Russo)
54. Thor: Love and Thunder (Taika Waititi)
53. Men (Alex Garland)
52. Flux Gourmet (Peter Strickland)
51. Introduction (Hong Sangsoo)
50. The Lost City (Adam Nee & Aaron Nee)