Crumb (Terry Zwigoff)

Rating: 3.5

Endlessly fascinating documentary--and I rarely put that adverb and that 
adjective in front of that noun--that, to my mind, is more impressive 
than last year's much-loved (and excellent)  HOOP DREAMS (though I still 
maintain that if the filmmakers had followed those two kids for a few 
more years, and made a six-hour film, HOOP DREAMS would have been one of 
the greatest documentaries ever made).  I'm not an admirer of Crumb's 
work, but Crumb the man is a great study, and Zwigoff turns what could 
have been a sycophantic piece, of interest only to the faithful, into a 
remarkable portrait of the nature of creativity.  A strong contender for 
my top-ten list.