Georgia (Ulu Grosbard)

Rating: 2.5

Jennifer Jason Leigh is absolutely stunning in GEORGIA, but 
GEORGIA--written by Leigh's mother, Barbara Turner--seems to exist only 
so that Leigh can be absolutely stunning.  The film lurches uncertainly 
from scene to scene, without any discernible focus save for a tired good 
sister/bad sister rivalry; without Leigh (whose eight-minute rendition of 
Van Morrison's "Take Me Back" is the stuff of legend), it wouldn't 
sustain interest for more than ten minutes or so.  Ted Levine (Jame Gumb 
in THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS) and Max Perlich (the weaselly kid from 
DRUGSTORE COWBOY) do what they can; Mare Winningham, as the title 
character (but not the protagonist) is saddled with a soporific role.  
Did I mention that Jennifer Jason Leigh is mighty good in this?