Die Hard With a Vengeance (John McTiernan)

Rating: 2.5

Sometimes exciting, but more frequently incoherent and idiotic.   I 
enjoyed the first two entries in the series, but this one was originally 
written as a potential LETHAL WEAPON sequel, and the dynamics of those 
films (of which I'm not very fond) are very evident, especially in the 
"friendly invective" banter between Gibson and Glover surrogates Willis 
and Jackson.  Jeremy Irons is mysteriously dull as the Icon of Evil; the 
fact that his character is related to the one played with such aplomb by 
Alan Rickman in the first film doesn't help matters, inviting the 
audience to make unflattering comparisons.  That my rating is as high as 
2.5 is due largely to the always impressive Samuel L. and some nifty 
stunts in the opening hour.