The Kingdom (Lars von Trier/Morten Arnfred)

Rating: 3.5

Funny, bizarre, densely plotted Danish miniseries, transferred to film, 
plays like an overheated homage to/parody of David Lynch's "Twin Peaks."  
Shot on video, so it looks like shit, but consistently compelling for 279 
minutes, which is nothing to sneeze at.  I was disappointed when it 
turned farcical in the final half-hour, but I was never bored.

POSTSCRIPT:  November 1995

Since I wrote the above last summer, I've discovered that a) the film was 
shot on 16mm film, transferred to video, altered, and then transferred to 
35mm; and b) the end of the film is not the end of the narrative--an 
additional nine episodes are planned.  Knowing this radically alters the 
way that I perceive the "farcical" final half-hour, and I have 
accordingly upped my original rating of 3.0 to 3.5.