Mallrats (Kevin Smith)

Rating: 1.5

CLERKS was perhaps my least favorite film of 1994, so it was with some 
trepidation that I attended a free advance screening of Smith's sophomore 
effort.  Sure enough, I once again had to suffer through ninety minutes 
of puerile scatological "humor."  I didn't find dick jokes and vomit gags 
funny when I was a teenager, and I still don't find them funny; it's 
embarrassing to see somebody as talented as Michael Rooker involved in a 
project like this.  At least the acting is slightly less inept than that 
in CLERKS (though several of that film's bad actors turn up again here).  
That Smith thanks John Landis and John Hughes in the closing credits 
speaks volumes.  If you think "A friend of mine got a cat stuck up his 
ass" (I'm paraphrasing) is a great opening line for a movie, disregard 
this review and go get in line.