Mighty Aphrodite (Woody Allen)

Rating: 2.5

There's one terrific comic idea in Woody's latest--the use of an 
anachronistic Greek chorus--and one terrific comic performance, courtesy 
of Mira Sorvino.  Everything else in the film feels stale and tired; some 
scenes almost seem to be parodies of scenes from previous Allen movies 
(and Helena Bonham Carter does a remarkable Mia Farrow impression, 
rivalling John Cusack's Woody Allen impression in BULLETS OVER 
BROADWAY).  Even the elements that work don't quite work: the Chorus 
is underutilized, and Sorvino, who is hilarious and oddly touching, 
appears to have wandered in from a different, much broader film--imagine 
Mia Farrow's character from BROADWAY DANNY ROSE walking into HUSBANDS AND 
WIVES.  (Actually, that sounds like it could be great, now that I think 
about it, but it doesn't work here.)  It's an Allen comedy, so unless you 
hate him you'll certainly laugh now and again, but I do hope that the 
Woodman will one day make another film that will blow me away; the last 
time it happened for me was with CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS, six years and 
seven films ago.