New York City 1982 Commercial Releases

(Reconstructed from New York Times archives; I didn't start keeping track week-to-week until 1998. List is probably not definitive—if it got neither an ad nor a review, I won't have caught it—but everything major should be here. Films seen by yours truly are in blue.)

Week of 31 Dec

International Animation (various)
Midnight (John Russo)

Week of 24 Dec

Coup de torchon (Bertrand Tavernier)
Kiss Me Goodbye (Robert Mulligan)
Land of Look Behind (Alan Greenberg)

Week of 17 Dec

Art Pepper: Notes From a Jazz Survivor (Don McGlynn)
Best Friends (Norman Jewison)
The Dark Crystal (Jim Henson & Frank Oz)
Dyrygent (Andrzej Wajda)
Honkytonk Man (Clint Eastwood)
The Light Ahead (Edgar Ulmer) [1939]
Six Weeks (Tony Bill)
Tootsie (Sydney Pollack)
Trail of the Pink Panther (Blake Edwards)

Week of 10 Dec

Airplane II: The Sequel (Ken Finkleman)
48HRS. (Walter Hill)
Gandhi (Richard Attenborough)
It Came From Hollywood (Malcolm Leo & Andrew Solt)
Roaring Fire (Norifumi Suzuki)
Sophie's Choice (Alan J. Pakula)
That Championship Season (Jason Miller)
The Toy (Richard Donner)
Trick or Treats (Gary Graver)
The Verdict (Sidney Lumet)

Week of 3 Dec

Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder (Peter Werner)
Forced Vengeance (James Fargo)
Frances (Graeme Clifford)
Jekyll & Hyde...Together Again (Jerry Belson)
Le Femme enfant (Raphaële Billetdoux)
Leap Into the Void (Marco Bellocchio)
Sartre par lui-même (Alexandre Astruc & Michel Contat) [1976]

Week of 26 Nov

Fat Chance (M. Summers)
Horrorplanet (Norman J. Warren)

Week of 19 Nov

Alone in the Dark (Jack Sholder)
Ashes and Embers (Haile Gerima)
Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales (various)
Diaries (Ed Pincus)
Heartaches (Donald Shebib)
Heidi's Song (Robert Taylor)
The Last Unicorn (Arthur Rankin, Jr. & Jules Bass)
Smithereens (Susan Seidelman)
Still of the Night (Robert Benton)

Week of 12 Nov

Brimstone & Treacle (Richard Loncraine)
Come Back to the 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (Robert Altman)
Creepshow (George A. Romero)
The Slumber Party Massacre (Amy Jones)
Starstruck (Gillian Armstrong)
Winter of Our Dreams (John Duigan)

Week of 5 Nov

The Burning (Tony Maylam)
Endangered Species (Alan Rudolph)
Five Days One Summer (Fred Zinnemann)
Fruits of Passion (Shûji Terayama)
Funeral Home (William Fruet)
The Missionary (Richard Loncraine)
Split Image (Ted Kotcheff)

Week of 29 Oct

Amor Bandido (Bruno Barreto) [1978]
National Lampoon's Class Reunion (Michael Miller)
The Nest of Gentry (Andrei Konchalovsky) [1969]

Week of 22 Oct

Bongo Man (Stephen Paul)
First Blood (Ted Kotcheff)
Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Tommy Lee Wallace)
Jinxed (Don Siegel)
Monsignor (Frank Perry)
The Sender (Roger Christian)
Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky) [1979]
Sweet Hours (Carlos Saura)
Time Stands Still (Peter Gothar)

Week of 15 Oct

The Concrete Jungle (Tom De Simone)
Fitzcarraldo (Werner Herzog)
Love Child (Larry Peerce)
The Mango Tree (Kevin Dobson) [1977]
The Slayer (J.S. Cardone)

Week of 8 Oct

Céleste (Percy Adlon)
Fast Walking (James B. Harris)
I, the Jury (Richard T. Heffron)
Lookin' to Get Out (Hal Ashby)
Morning Mist (Lauro António)
Q (Larry Cohen)
Satan's Mistress (James Polakof)
Yol (Yilmaz Güney)

Week of 1 Oct

Eating Raoul (Paul Bartel)
Goin' All the Way (Robert Freeman)
Hey Good Lookin' (Ralph Bakshi)
Moonlighting (Jerzy Skolimowski)
My Favorite Year (Richard Benjamin)
Survivors (various)
Tex (Tim Hunter)

Week of 24 Sep

Amityville II: The Possession (Damiano Damiani)
Blood Tide (Richard Jeffries)
Burden of Dreams (Les Blank)
The Fearless Jackal (Chiu Lei)
Giselle (Victor di Mello)
Yes, Giorgio (Franklin J. Schaffner)

Week of 17 Sep

Forbidden World (Allan Holzman)
Inchon (Terence Young)
Josepha (Christopher Frank)
Les Turlupins (Bernard Revon)
Lonely Heart (Kon Ichikawa) Reporters (Raymond Depardon)
Siberiade (Andrei Konchalovsky) [1979]
Waitress! (Samuel Weil & Michael Herz)

Week of 10 Sep

The Beach Girls (Pat Townsend)
Decision to Win: The First Fruits (Cero a la Izquierda*)
L'Adolescente (Jeanne Moreau) [1979]
Station (Yasuo Furuhata)
Xica (Carlos Diegues) [1976]

* Cero a la Izquierda is a filmmaking collective, not a person.

Week of 3 Sep

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Amy Heckerling)
The Incubus (John Hough)
The Soldier (James Glickenhaus)
The Wolves (Hideo Gosha) [1971]

Week of 27 Aug

Cannibals in the Streets (Anthony M. Dawson)
Homework (James Beshears)
I Am a Cat (Kon Ichikawa) [1975]
The Judge and the Assassin (Bertrand Tavernier) [1976]
Le Beau Mariage (Eric Rohmer)
Zapped! (Robert J. Rosenthal)

Week of 20 Aug

The Beastmaster (Don Coscarelli)
Birgitt Haas Must Be Killed (Laurent Heynemann)
Class of 1984 (Mark Lester)
Piaf (Guy Casaril) [1974]
Six Pack (Daniel Petrie)
Summer Lovers (Randal Kleiser)

Week of 13 Aug

Ciao! Manhattan (John Palmer & David Weisman) [1972]
Dress Rehearsal (Werner Schroeter)
The Family (Satsuo Yamamoto) [1974]
Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D (Steve Miner)
The Nest (Jaime de Armiñán)
Tempest (Paul Mazursky)

Week of 6 Aug

Lola (Rainer Werner Fassbinder)
Pink Floyd The Wall (Alan Parker)
The Pirate Movie (Ken Annakin)
The Sword and the Sorcerer (Albert Pyun)
Things Are Tough All Over (Tom Avildsen)

Week of 30 Jul

Night Shift (Ron Howard)
An Officer and a Gentleman (Taylor Hackford)
The Secret of NIMH (Don Bluth)
Swamp Thing (Wes Craven)

Week of 23 Jul

Barbarosa (Fred Schepisi)
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Colin Higgins)
The Challenge (John Frankenheimer)
Demon Pond (Masahiro Shinoda) [1979]
The Man Who Stole the Sun (Kazuhiko Hasegawa) [1979]
The World According to Garp (George Roy Hill)

Week of 16 Jul

A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (Woody Allen)
Space Firebird 2772 (Taku Sugiyama)
To an Unknown God (Jaime Chávarri) [1977]
The Witness (Péter Bacsó) [1969]
Young Doctors in Love (Garry Marshall)

Week of 9 Jul

The Swiss in the Spanish Civil War (Richard Dindo) [1974]
Tron (Steven Lisberger)

Week of 2 Jul

La vie continue (Moshé Mizrahi)
One Wonderful Sunday (Akira Kurosawa) [1947]

Week of 25 Jun

Blade Runner (Ridley Scott)
Bob le flambeur (Jean-Pierre Melville) [1955]
MegaForce (Hal Needham)
Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl (Terry Hughes & Monty Python)
New British Animation (various)
Série noire (Alain Corneau) [1979]
The Thing (John Carpenter)

Week of 18 Jun

Author! Author! (Arthur Hiller)
Bolero (Claude Lelouch) Fabian (Wolf Gremm)
Firefox (Clint Eastwood)
Now...After All These Years (Pavel Schnabel & Harald Luders)

Week of 11 Jun

Eight Minutes to Midnight: A Portrait of Dr. Helen Caldicott (Mary Benjamin)
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (Steven Spielberg)
Grease 2 (Patricia Birch)
Humongous (Paul Lynch)
Not a Love Story (Bonnie Sherr Klein)
Willful Murder (Kei Kumai)

Week of 4 Jun

Chan Is Missing (Wayne Wang)
The Comeback Trail (Harry Hurwitz)
A Distant Cry From Spring (Yôji Yamada)
Hanky Panky (Sidney Poitier)
Poltergeist (Tobe Hooper)
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Nicholas Meyer)
A Time for Dying (Budd Boetticher) [1969]

Week of 28 May

Don's Party (Bruce Beresford) [1976]
The Escape Artist (Caleb Deschanel)
Gregory's Girl (Bill Forsyth)
The Lucky Star (Max Fischer)
Maya (Ágúst Ágústsson)
Rocky III (Sylvester Stallone
Visiting Hours (Jean Claude Lord)

Week of 21 May

AC/DC: Let There Be Rock (Eric Dionysius & Eric Mistler)
Annie (John Huston)
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (Carl Reiner)
Eijanaika (Shôhei Imamura)
Fighting Back (Lewis Teague)
Race d'Ep (Lionel Soukaz) [1979]
The Secret Policeman's Other Ball (Julien Temple & Roger Graef)
The Vulture (Yaky Yosha)

Week of 14 May

Conan the Barbarian (John Milius)
The House Where Evil Dwells (Kevin Connor)
Marianne & Juliane (Margarethe von Trotta)
Super Fuzz (Sergio Corbucci)

Week of 7 May

Death Valley (Dick Richards)
La commare secca (Bernardo Bertolucci) [1962]
Lady Chatterley's Lover (Just Jaeckin)
The Meadow (Paolo & Vittorio Taviani) [1979]
Paradise (Stuart Gillard)

Week of 30 Apr

The Arrest (Raphael Rebibo) [1976]
The Chosen (Jeremy Paul Kagan)
One Night Stand (Allan King) [1978]
Partners (James Burrows)
The Road Warrior (George Miller)
A Slap in the Face (Henrik Malyan)
Smash Palace (Roger Donaldson)
Soldier Girls (Nicholas Broomfield & Joan Churchill)
Soup for One (Jonathan Kaufer)
Who Has Seen the Wind (Alan King) [1977]

Week of 23 Apr

Dance Craze (Joe Massot)
I Love You (Arnaldo Jabor)
If You Could See What I Hear (Eric Till)
Private Lessons (Alan Myerson)
Roommates (Chuck Vincent)
Silhouettes (Giuseppe Murolo)
Too Far to Go (Fielder Cook) [1979]
An Unfinished Piece for Player Piano (Nikita Mikhalkov) [1977]

Week of 16 Apr

The Amateur (Charles Jarrott)
Autumn Marathon (Georgy Danelia) [1979]
Diva (Jean-Jacques Beineix)
Garde à vue (Claude Miller)
Ticket of No Return (Ulrike Ottinger) [1979]
Wrong Is Right (Richard Brooks)

Week of 9 Apr

Era notte a Roma (Roberto Rossellini) [1960]
Grendel Grendel Grendel (Alexander Stitt)
Health (Robert Altman)

Week of 2 Apr

Cat People (Paul Schrader)
Diner (Barry Levinson)
Him and Me (James Benning)
A Little Sex (Bruce Paltrow)
The Long Good Friday (John Mackenzie)
Silent Rage (Michael Miller)
Some Kind of Hero (Michael Pressman)

Week of 26 Mar

Neil Simon's I Ought to Be in Pictures (Herbert Ross)
Savage Hunt of King Stakh (Valery Rubinchik)
A Week's Vacation (Bertrand Tavernier)

Week of 19 Mar

Amin: The Rise and Fall (Sharad Patel)
The Atomic Cafe (Kevin Rafferty & Jayne Loader & Pierce Rafferty)
The Beast Within (Philippe Mora)
Christiane F. (Ulrich Edel)
Deathtrap (Sidney Lumet)
Genocide (Arnold Schwartzman)
Mephisto (István Szabó)
Porky's (Bob Clark)
Victor/Victoria (Blake Edwards)

Week of 12 Mar

Comment ça va? (Jean-Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville) [1976]
Hoffman (Alvin Rakoff) [1970]
Parasite (Charles Band)
Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip (Joe Layton)
25 Fireman's Street (István Szabó) [1973]

Week of 5 Mar

Contract (Krzysztof Zanussi)
Evil Under the Sun (Guy Hamilton)
I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Dick Fontaine & Pat Harley)
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can (Jack Hofsiss)
Love and Lies (Ilya Frez)
Wasn't That a Time! (Jim Brown)

Week of 26 Feb

The Bottom Line (Georges Lautner) [1976]
Evilspeak (Eric Weston)
The Seduction (David Schmoeller)
Sleeping Dogs (Roger Donaldson) [1977]

Week of 19 Feb

Death Wish II (Michael Winner)
Dialogue With a Woman Departed (Leo Hurwitz)
New Animation (various)
Passione d'amore (Etoore Scola)
A Purple Taxi (Yves Boisset) [1977]
She Dances Alone (Robert Dornhelm)
Three Brothers (Francesco Rosi)
Without Anesthesia (Andrzej Wajda) [1978]

Week of 12 Feb

Cannery Row (David S. Ward)
Circle of Deceit (Volker Schlöndorff)
Das Boot (Wolfgang Petersen)
Hungry i Reunion (Thomas Cohen)
Love and Money (James Toback)
Making Love (Arthur Hiller)
McVicar (Tom Clegg)
Missing (Costa-Gavras)
One From the Heart (Francis Coppola)
Quest for Fire (Jean-Jacques Annaud)
Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man (Bernardo Bertolucci)

Week of 5 Feb

Butterfly (Matt Cimber)
John Heartfield, Photomontagist (Hlemut Herbst) [1979]
Night Crossing (Delbert Mann)
Personal Best (Robert Towne)
Venom (Piers Haggard)
Why Shoot the Teacher? (Silvio Narizzano) [1977]

Week of 29 Jan

The Border (Tony Richardson)
Careless (Mauro Bolognini) [1962]
Sisters, or The Balance of Happiness (Margarethe von Trotta) [1979]

Week of 22 Jan

The Alien's Place (Rudolf van den Berg)
David (Peter Lilienthal) [1979]
Shoot the Moon (Alan Parker)
A Stranger Is Watching (Sean S. Cunningham)
Vice Squad (Gary A. Sherman)
Zoot Suit (Luis Valdez)

Week of 15 Jan

The Boogens (James L. Conway)
Gates of Heaven (Errol Morris)* [1978]
Revenge of the Shogun Women (Tsang Mei-chun) [1977]
Vernon, Florida (Errol Morris)

* This had a NYC commercial run in October 1980, but apparently only screened on Mondays over a period of weeks. Doesn't count by my reckoning.

Week of 8 Jan

American Success (William Richert)
In Our Water (Meg Switzgable)
Ópera prima (Fernando Trueba)