New York City 1998 Commercial Releases

(Films seen by yours truly are in blue.)

30 Dec

Affliction (Paul Schrader)
Hilary and Jackie (Anand Tucker)
The Hi-Lo Country (Stephen Frears)

Week of 25 Dec

A Civil Action (Steven Zaillian)
Down in the Delta (Maya Angelou)
The Faculty (Robert Rodriguez)
Hurlyburly (Anthony Drazan)
Mighty Joe Young (Ron Underwood)
Patch Adams (Tom Shadyac)
Stepmom (Chris Columbus)
The Swindle (Claude Chabrol)
The Theory of Flight (Paul Greengrass)
The Thin Red Line (Terrence Malick)
Zakir and His Friends (Lutz Leonhardt)

Week of 18 Dec

The Emperor's Shadow (Zhou Xiaowen)
The General (John Boorman)
Lena's Dreams (Gordon Eriksen & Heather Johnston)
Outside Ozona (J.S. Cardone)
The Prince of Egypt (Brenda Chapman & Steve Hickner & Simon Wells)
Trouble on the Corner (Alan Madison)
You've Got Mail (Nora Ephron)

Week of 11 Dec

Divorce Iranian Style (Kim Longinotto & Ziba Mir-Hosseini)
Hallelujah! Ron Athey: A Story of Deliverance (Catherine Gund Saalfield)
Jack Frost (Troy Miller)
The Ogre (Volker Schlöndorff)
Rushmore (Wes Anderson)
Shakespeare in Love (John Madden)
A Simple Plan (Sam Raimi)
Star Trek: Insurrection (Jonathan Frakes)

Week of 4 Dec

African Violet (Koto Bolofo)
Hi-Life (Roger Hedden)
The Land Is White, the Seed Is Black (Koto Bolofo)
Little Voice (Mark Herman)
My Knees Were Jumping: Remembering the Kindertransports (Melissa Hacker)
Psycho (Gus Van Sant)
Shattered Image (Raul Ruiz)

Week of 27 Nov

Babe: Pig in the City (George Miller)
A Bug's Life (John Lasseter)
Cracking Up (Matt Mitler) [1994]
Home Fries (Dean Parisot)
The Mirror (Jafar Panahi)
Ringmaster (Neil Abramson)
Savior (Peter Antonijevic)
Steam: The Turkish Bath (Ferzan Ozpetek)
Very Bad Things (Peter Berg)

Week of 20 Nov

Celebrity (Woody Allen)
Central Station (Walter Salles)
Enemy of the State (Tony Scott)
The Rugrats Movie (Norton Virgien & Igor Kovalyov)
Storefront Hitchcock (Jonathan Demme)
Sue (Amos Kollek)
Waking Ned Devine (Kirk Jones)

Week of 13 Nov

Dancing at Lughnasa (Pat O'Connor)
Hard Core Logo (Bruce McDonald)
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (Danny Cannon)
I'll Be Home for Christmas (Arlene Sanford)
Meet Joe Black (Martin Brest)
River Red (Eric Drilling)
Ten Benny (Eric Bross) [1995]
Welcome to Woop Woop (Stephan Elliott)

Week of 6 Nov

Belly (Hype Williams)
Crossing Fields (James Rosenow)
Elizabeth (Shekhar Kapur)
Gods and Monsters (Bill Condon)
A Place Called Chiapas (Nettie Wild)
The Siege (Edward Zwick)
Velvet Goldmine (Todd Haynes)
The Waterboy (Frank Coraci)

Week of 30 Oct

American History X (Tony Kaye)
John Carpenter's Vampires (John Carpenter)
Living Out Loud (Richard LaGravenese)
Talk of Angels (Nick Hamm)

Week of 23 Oct

Apt Pupil (Bryan Singer)
The Cruise (Bennett Miller)
Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth (Robert B. Weide)
Life Is Beautiful (La vita è bella) (Roberto Benigni)
Orgazmo (Trey Parker)
Pleasantville (Gary Ross)
Soldier (Paul Anderson)

Week of 16 Oct

The Alarmist (Evan Dunsky)
All the Rage (Roland Tec)
Beloved (Jonathan Demme)
Bride of Chucky (Ronny Yu)
Destiny (Youssef Chahine)
Happiness (Todd Solondz)
La Sentinelle (Arnaud Desplechin) [1992]
Practical Magic (Griffin Dunne)
Reach the Rock (William Ryan)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie (Bill Kowalchuk)
The Souler Opposite (Bill Kalmenson)

Week of 9 Oct

Bad Manners (Jonathan Kaufer)
The Celebration (Thomas Vinterberg)
Holy Man (Stephen Herek)
The Inheritors (Stefan Ruzowitzky)
Love Is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon (John Maybury)
The Mighty (Peter Chelsom)
One Tough Cop (Bruno Barreto)
Slam (Marc Levin)

Week of 2 Oct

Antz (Eric Darnell & Tim Johnson)
Dee Snider's Strangeland (John Pieplow)
Hit Me (Steven Shainberg)
The Impostors (Stanley Tucci)
La Séparation (Christian Vincent) [1994]
A Night at the Roxbury (John Fortenberry)
What Dreams May Come (Vincent Ward)

Week of 25 Sep

The Brandon Teena Story (Susan Muska & Greta Olafsdottir)
Clay Pigeons (David Dobkin)
Dirty Laundry (Robert Sherwin & Michael Normand)
The Last Big Thing (Dan Zukovic)
Lolita (Adrian Lyne)
Monument Ave. (Ted Demme)
Pecker (John Waters)
Phoenix (Danny Cannon)
Ronin (John Frankenheimer)
Shadrach (Susanna Styron)
Skin and Bone (Everett Lewis)
Urban Legend (Jamie Blanks)

Week of 18 Sep

Chicago Cab (Mary Rybulski & John Tintori)
One True Thing (Carl Franklin)
Permanent Midnight (David Veloz)
Rush Hour (Brett Ratner)
A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries (James Ivory)
Somewhere in the City (Ramin Niami)

Week of 11 Sep

Chile, Obstinate Memory (Patricio Guzmán)
Cube (Vincenzo Natali)
David Searching (Leslie A. Smith) [1995]
Digging to China (Timothy Hutton)
Free Tibet: The Motion Picture (Sarah Pirozek)
Let's Talk About Sex (Troy Beyer)
Rounders (John Dahl)
Simon Birch (Mark Steven Johnson)
Without Limits (Robert Towne)

Week of 4 Sep

Firelight (William Nicholson)
Knock Off (Tsui Hark)
Like It Is (Paul Oremland)
Modulations (Iara Lee)

Week of 28 Aug

54 (Mark Christopher)
Concert of Wills: Making the Getty Center (Susan Froemke & Bob Eisenhardt & Albert Maysles)
I Married a Strange Person! (Bill Plympton)
A Merry War (Robert Bierman)
See the Sea (François Ozon)

Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Gregory Nava)

Week of 21 Aug

Blade (Stephen Norrington)
Dance with Me (Randa Haines)
Dead Man on Campus (Alan Cohn)
The Eel (Shohei Imamura)
Next Stop Wonderland (Brad Anderson)

Wrongfully Accused (Pat Proft)
Your Friends & Neighbors (Neil LaBute)

Week of 14 Aug

Air Bud: Golden Receiver (Richard Martin)
The Avengers (Jeremiah Chechik)
The Best Man (Pupi Avati)
The Chambermaid on the Titanic (Bigas Luna)
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer 2 (Chuck Parello)
How Stella Got Her Groove Back (Kevin Rodney Sullivan)
Regeneration (Gillies Mackinnon)
Return to Paradise (Joseph Ruben)
Slums of Beverly Hills (Tamara Jenkins)
War Zone (Maggie Hadleigh-West)

Week of 7 Aug

First Love, Last Rites (Jesse Peretz)
Gadjo dilo (Tony Gatlif)
Halloween: H2O (Steve Miner)
Krzysztof Kieslowski: I'm So-So (Krzysztof Wierzbicki) [1995]
Safe Men (John Hamburg)
Snake Eyes (Brian De Palma)
Tranceformer: A Portrait of Lars von Trier (Stig Björkman)
Unmade Beds (Nicholas Barker)

Week of 31 Jul

BASEketball (David Zucker)
Ever After (Andy Tennant)
Full-Tilt Boogie (Sarah Kelly)
The Governess (Sandra Goldbacher)
Killer Condom (Martin Walz)
The Negotiator (F. Gary Gray)
Out of the Past (Jeff Dupre)
The Parent Trap (Nancy Meyers)
Seventh Heaven (Benoît Jacquot)

Week of 24 Jul

Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (Tommy O'Haver)
Cannibal! The Musical (Trey Parker)
Disturbing Behavior (David Nutter)
East Palace, West Palace (Zhang Yuan)
Mafia! (Jim Abrahams)
The Saltmen of Tibet (Ulrike Koch)
Saving Private Ryan (Steven Spielberg)
Western (Manuel Poirier)

Week of 17 Jul

Boys in Love 2 (various)
Mark Twain's America (Stephen Low)
The Mask of Zorro (Martin Campbell)
Polish Wedding (Theresa Connelly)
The Silver Screen/Color Me Lavender (Mark Rappaport)
Slamnation (Paul Devlin)
There's Something About Mary (Bobby & Peter Farrelly)
The Thief (Pavel Chukhrai)

Week of 10 Jul

Brother (Alexei Balabanov)
Home Before Dark (Maureen Foley)
Lethal Weapon 4 (Richard Donner)
Madeline (Daisy Von Scherler Mayer)
π (Darren Aronofsky)
Small Soldiers (Joe Dante)
Whatever (Susan Skoog)

Week of 3 Jul

Armageddon (Michael Bay)
Talk to Me (George Esquerra)

Week of 26 Jun

Buffalo '66 (Vincent Gallo)
Carla's Song (Ken Loach)

Dear Jesse (Tim Kirkham)
Dr. Dolittle (Betty Thomas)
I Went Down (Paddy Breathnach)
Junk Food (Masashi Yamamoto)
Out of Sight (Steven Soderbergh)
Smoke Signals (Chris Eyre)
Voyage to the Beginning of the World (Manoel de Oliveira)

Week of 19 Jun

Dream for an Insomniac (Tiffanie DeBartolo)[1995]
Hav Plenty (Christopher Scott Cherot)
Henry Fool (Hal Hartley)

Little Boy Blue (Antonio Tibaldi)
Marie Baie des anges (Manuel Pradal)
Mulan (Barry Cook & Tony Bancroft)
Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's (Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini)
The X-Files (Rob Bowman)

Week of 12 Jun

Can't Hardly Wait (Deborah Kaplan & Harry Elfont)
Cousin Bette (Des McAnuff)
Dirty Work (Bob Saget)
The Farm: Angola, USA (Jonathan Stack & Liz Garbus)
High Art (Lisa Cholodenko)
The Land Girls (David Leland)
Passion in the Desert (Lavinia Currier)
Six Days, Seven Nights (Ivan Reitman)
Un air de famille (Cédric Klapisch)
When I Close My Eyes (Shunji Iwai) [1995]

Week of 5 Jun

Beyond Silence (Caroline Link)
Charlie Hoboken (Thomas F. Mazziotti)
Kurt and Courtney (Nick Broomfield)
Mr. Jealousy (Noah Baumbach)
A Perfect Murder (Andrew Davis)
The Truman Show (Peter Weir)

Week of 29 May

Almost Heroes (Christopher Guest)
Broadway Damage (Victor Mignatti)
Day at the Beach (Nick Veronis) [1995]
The Disenchanted (Benoit Jacquot) [1990]
Gaach (Catherine Berge)
Hope Floats (Forest Whitaker)
I Got the Hook-Up (Michael Martin)
Insomnia (Erik Skjoldbjærg)
The Last Days of Disco (Whit Stillman)
The Opposite of Sex (Don Roos)
West New York (Phil Gallo)

Week of 22 May

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Terry Gilliam)
Godzilla (Roland Emmerich)
Still Breathing (James F. Robinson)
Tokyo Fist (Shinya Tsukamoto) [1995]
Under the Skin (Carine Adler)

Week of 15 May

Bulworth (Warren Beatty)
Clockwatchers (Jill Sprecher)
The Hanging Garden (Thom Fitzgerald)
The Horse Whisperer (Robert Redford)
In God's Hands (Zalman King)
Lawn Dogs (John Duigan)
Let's Kill All the Lawyers (Ron Senkowski) [1992]
Life of Jesus (Bruno Dumont)
Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart (Timothy Greenfield-Sanders)
Quest for Camelot (Frederik du Chau)
Shopping for Fangs (Quentin Lee & Justin Lin)

Week of 8 May

Artemisia (Agnès Merlet)
Deep Impact (Mimi Leder)
Homegrown (Stephen Gyllenhaal)
The Kingdom II (Lars von Trier/Morten Arnfred)
Little Men (Rodney Gibbons)
Woo (Daisy V.S. Mayer)

Week of 1 May

Black Dog (Kevin Hooks)
Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 (Tim McCanlies)
Didn't Do It for Love (Monika Treut)
A Friend of the Deceased (Viatcheslav Krishtofovitch)
Go Now (Michael Winterbottom) [1995]
He Got Game (Spike Lee)
Les Misérables (Bille August)
Parallel Sons (John G. Young) [1995]
Shooting Fish (Stefan Schwartz)
The Ugly (Scott Reynolds)
Wilde (Brian Gilbert)

Week of 24 Apr

The Big Hit (Che-Kirk Wong)
Bullet on a Wire (Jim Sikora)
Déjà Vu (Henry Jaglom)
Healing by Killing (Nitzan Aviram)
Marius and Jeannette (Robert Guédiguian)
Midoq Alley (Jorge Fons) [1995]
Sliding Doors (Peter Howitt)
Tarzan and the Lost City (Carl Schenkel)
The Truce (Francesco Rosi)
Two Girls and a Guy (James Toback)

Week of 17 Apr

Chinese Box (Wayne Wang)
Major League: Back to the Minors (John Warren)
Nightwatch (Ole Bornedal)
The Object of My Affection (Nicholas Hytner)
Paulie (John Roberts)
Sour Grapes (Larry David)
Suicide Kings (Peter O'Fallon)
TwentyFourSeven (Shane Meadows)
Wild Man Blues (Barbara Kopple)

Week of 10 Apr

The Big One (Michael Moore)
City of Angels (Brad Silberling)
Forgotten Light (Vladimir Michalek)
I Think I Do (Brian Sloan)
Junk Mail (Pål Sletaune)
Little Dieter Needs to Fly (Werner Herzog)
My Giant (Michael Lehmann)
Neil Simon's The Odd Couple II (Howard Deutch)
The Players Club (Ice Cube)
R.I.P.: Rest in Pieces, a Portrait of Joe Coleman (Robert Pejo)
Sonatine (Takeshi Kitano) [1993]
Species II (Peter Medak)
Stolen Moments (Margaret Wescott)
3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain (Sean McNamara)

Week of 3 Apr

The Butcher Boy (Neil Jordan)
Eden (Howard Goldberg)
Lost in Space (Stephen Hopkins)
Mercury Rising (Harold Becker)
Pereira Declares (Roberto Faenza)
The Spanish Prisoner (David Mamet)
Who the Hell Is Juliette? (Carlos Marcovich)

Week of 27 Mar

Barney's Great Adventure (Steve Gomer)
Character (Mike van Diem)
Frozen (Wu Ming) [actually Wang Xiaoshuai]
Genealogies of a Crime (Raoul Ruiz)
James Ellroy: Demon Dog of American Crime Fiction (Reinhard Jud) [1993]
Meet the Deedles (Steve Boyum)
The Newton Boys (Richard Linklater)
No Looking Back (Edward Burns)
A Price Above Rubies (Boaz Yakin)
The Proposition (Lesli Linka Glatter)
Public Housing (Frederick Wiseman)
Ride (Millicent Shelton)

Week of 20 Mar

Fireworks [Hana-Bi] (Takeshi Kitano)
The Leading Man (John Duigan)
Mendel (Alexander Røsler)
Mr. Nice Guy (Samo Hung)
Niagara Niagara (Bob Gosse)
Primary Colors (Mike Nichols)
A Rat's Tale (Michael F. Huse)
Taste of Cherry (Abbas Kiarostami)
Wide Awake (M. Night Shyamalan)
Wild Things (John McNaughton)

Week of 13 Mar

Brigands: Chapter VII (Otar Iosseliani)
Chairman of the Board (Alex Zamm)
Funny Games (Michael Haneke)
The Man in the Iron Mask (Randall Wallace)
Post Coitum (Brigitte Roüan)

Week of 6 Mar

The Big Lebowski (Joel Coen)
Everest (David Breashears & Greg MacGillivray &Stephen Judson)
Hush (Jonathan Darby)
Love and Death on Long Island (Richard Kwietniowski)
Men with Guns (John Sayles)

A Paralyzing Fear (Nina Gilden Seavey)
Shampoo Horns (Manuel Toledano)
Twilight (Robert Benton)
U.S. Marshals (Stuart Baird)

Week of 27 Feb

Burn Hollywood Burn (Alan Smithee) [actually Arthur Hiller]
Caught Up (Darin Scott)
Dark City (Alex Proyas)
Kissing a Fool (Doug Ellin)
Krippendorf's Tribe (Todd Holland)
The Real Blonde (Tom DiCillo)

Week of 20 Feb

The Break (Robert Dornhelm)
Comrades, Almost a Love Story (Peter Chan)
Dangerous Beauty (Marshall Herskovitz)
I Love You, Don't Touch Me! (Julie Davis)
Leather Jacket Love Story (David DeCoteau)
Love Walked In (Juan J. Campanella)
Moon over Broadway (D A Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus)
Mrs Dalloway (Marleen Gorris)
Palmetto (Volker Schlondorff)
Senseless (Penelope Spheeris)

Week of 13 Feb

Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life (Michael Paxton)
The Borrowers (Peter Hewitt)
Hurricane Streets (Morgan J. Freeman)

Sphere (Barry Levinson)
The Wedding Singer (Frank Coraci)

Week of 6 Feb

Blues Brothers 2000 (John Landis)
General Chaos: Uncensored Animation (various)
Mother and Son (Alexander Sokurov)
The Next Step (Christian Faber) [1995]
The Night Flier (Mark Pavia)
Nil by Mouth (Gary Oldman)
Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer's End (Monte Bramer)
Ratchet (John Johnson)
The Replacement Killers (Antoine Fuqua)

Week of 30 Jan

Deceiver (Jonas & Joshua Pate)
Deep Rising (Stephen Sommers)
Desperate Measures (Barbet Schroeder)
Four Days in September (Bruno Barreto)
Great Expectations (Alfonso Cuarón)
Killing Time (Bharat Nalurim)
No Ordinary Love (Doug Witkins)
The Oyster and the Wind (Walter Lima, Jr.)
Village of Dreams (Yoichi Higashi)
Zero Effect (Jake Kasdan)

Week of 23 Jan

Fallen Angels (Wong Kar-wai) [1995]
The Gingerbread Man (Robert Altman)
Phantoms (Joe Chappelle)
Slappy and the Stinkers (Barnet Kellman)
Spiceworld (Bob Spiers)
Swept from the Sea (Beeban Kidron)

Week of 16 Jan

The Dress (Alex van Warmerdam)
Fallen (Gregory Hoblit)
Full Speed (Gaël Morel)
Half-Baked (Tamra Davis)
Hard Rain (Mikael Salomon)
illtown (Nick Gomez)
Live Flesh (Pedro Almodóvar)
Star Kid (Manny Coto)

Week of 9 Jan

Arguing the World (Joseph Dorman)
Firestorm (Dean Semler)