How to Make an American Quilt (Jocelyn Moorhouse)

Rating: 2.0

How to make an original film: well, start by avoiding the simplistic 
platitudes, predictable scenarios, and shameless histrionics that plague 
Moorhouse's follow-up to the considerably more interesting PROOF.  
Another promising director is hired by Hollywood to make treacly pap: 
hoorah, huzzah.  I was prepared for the endless quilt metaphors, but 
nothing could have prepared me for the climactic scene, which features--I 
kid you not--actual Winds of Change.  Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich will 
love this film; it pays lip service to the notion that women should be 
independent and that marriage is something of an anachronism, but 
naturally ends up as a paean to the joy of everlasting fidelity and 
(implicitly) motherhood (not that those are necessarily bad things, mind 
you, but the film ridicules the alternatives).  Moorhouse should head 
back Down Under without delay.