Reckless (Norman René)

Rating: 2.0

The strangest film of the year, hands down; I can't think of another 
contender for the title.  Unfortunately, while it certainly isn't 
predictable or hackneyed, it isn't particularly compelling, either; after 
a while, it just begins to feel like weirdness-for-weirdness'-sake.  The 
actors, especially Mia Farrow, struggle valiantly to give the oddball 
material some depth, and in the final scene Farrow and Stephen Dorff 
almost manage to pull it off, but it's too little too late; by that time, 
I'd ceased to care, wearied by one random plot twist after another with 
no apparent rhyme or reason.  Despite my poor rating above, I'd recommend 
the film to anybody who feels she's seen it all; you may not enjoy 
RECKLESS, but you won't be able to complain that you've seen a hundred other 
films just like it.