Se7en (David Fincher)

Rating: 4.0

I'm composing this review approximately forty-five minutes after exiting 
the theater where I saw SE7EN, and I'm still trembling to such an extent 
that it's a bit difficult for me to type.  That is not hyperbole; nor am 
I being coy when I suggest that you avoid seeing this film if you're 
feeling emotionally vulnerable.  What I assumed would be yet another 
gimmicky thriller turned out instead to be gripping, engrossing,
intelligent, and nuanced; it has a few minor flaws (resist the 
temptation to walk out during the pre-credits sequence, and try to ignore 
anything you hear in voiceover), but the film is powerful, and so 
brilliantly acted, written, and directed, that I don't give a damn.  Sure 
to appear on my year-end top ten list.