I Can't Sleep (Claire Denis)

Rating: 3.0

Frankly, this film confused me.  I've seen few films this year with such 
vivid, fascinating characters, and Denis' elliptical, intertwining 
narrative is compelling throughout...yet somehow certain key connections 
seemed absent.  I don't understand why some of these characters were in 
the same film as the others; nor do I have a clear sense of what Denis 
was trying to convey in this work.  I sat in my seat, baffled, during the 
closing credits, unable to account for the inclusion of long sections of 
the film, unable to determine I CAN'T SLEEP's gestalt.  But despite my 
bewilderment, I was very favorably impressed, and so this is a rare 
instance in which I'm recommending a film despite what I consider an 
unsatisfying narrative.  And if/when I see it again, my opinion may 
change considerably.