The Underneath (Steven Soderbergh)

Rating: 3.0

First, a bit of heresy: I saw CRISS CROSS the day after I saw this 
remake, and I think Soderbergh's is the better film.  In neither case do 
I consider the script a particularly strong one, but Soderbergh doesn't 
really seem to give a damn about the plot; he's more interested in the 
manner in which the tale is told, reveling in the intricate series of 
color-coded flashbacks.  Still, it all seems much ado about not much 
(whereas Siodmak's version was little ado about not much); it gets by on 
the strength of good performances and Soderbergh's considerable flair.  
Also, the scene in the hospital, a dialogue between Peter Gallagher and 
an amazing actor I'd never seen before named Joe Chrest, is hands down 
the most suspenseful scene in any movie I've seen in years (the same 
scene appears in CRISS CROSS, but it's not nearly as impressive).  Not 
SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE or KING OF THE HILL, but entertaining enough.