While You Were Sleeping (Jon Turteltaub)

Rating: 1.5

The only reason I went to see this was because of my longtime admiration 
for Bill Pullman, a terrific actor who's been burdened with a lot of 
terrible roles over the years, but has managed to hold my attention even 
when playing one unlucky schlemiel after another .  I was eager to see 
how he'd fare in his first role as a romantic leading man.  Well, he was 
as affable and winning as ever (though I prefer his more anarchic 
streak--see THE LAST SEDUCTION or the otherwise wretched SIBLING 
RIVALRY), but the movie is so tedious and unfunny that I can't bear to 
perform the recall necessary to explain what was so wrong with it.  The 
only reason that I don't want to forget that I ever saw it is to make 
sure that I never see it again.  Its enormous success at the box office 
served to remind me that my notion of what constitutes comedy and romance 
is radically different from that held by most moviegoers (see also PRETTY