Danny Lee

a nyc based coding enthusiast, handyman, farmer at-heart, artist and future surfer 🏄‍♂️

Freelance Portfolio
  1. Photo gallery ofhandywork I've done for clients
  2. Photo gallery of computers I built
  3. Some good YouTube resources to learn handywork:
  4. Good places to get Supplies:

    Bulk and specialty supplies.

Reference Sites

    A list of sites for useful information and resources.

  1. NYC & Real Estate Resources
  2. Education Technology Clearinghouse [usf.edu] - A ton of educational and research related links
  3. Finding Copyright Free Images [uw.edu]
  4. HathiTrust Digital Library - Scanned, old books
  5. Encyclopedias and Dictionaries [uw.edu]
  6. Old Video Game Software and Media
  7. ICANN WHOIS lookup - Research potential domains without the chance of your WHOIS host registering it first.
Software and Programming


  1. DevDocs API reference
  2. OverAPI - all the cheat sheets
  3. Calculators and Tests:

  4. Pingdom Website Speed Test
  5. Internet Health Test (Broadband speed)
  6. CSS Specificity Calculator

    For Scientists:

  1. Piotr Migdal's list of software for scientists
  2. Useful Apps for Scientists (outdated - 2012)
  3. GUI clients for GIT
  4. Article: How do Scientists really use computers?
  5. Tutorials on Version Control with GIT and Github
  1. The English names for Korean Native Plants [pdf] (from Korea Forest Service)
  2. Three birds I'm always glad to see. I have such fond childhood memories of sighting them occasionally outside my 2nd floor apartment's window. Twas thrilling!
  3. Not a fan of this bird, but they're everywhere I never knew its name, so in case you were wondering what those uppity little birds that are every were:
Inter-net of Yore
  1. Wayback Machine - Website snapshots from the past.
  2. MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons)
  3. BBSs (Bulletin Board Systems)
  4. Internet wildernesses - places for digital exploration
Creative Karass
Art Stuff
[ Collectionism ]
"Collectionism" is not yet am actual art category or style, but it should be. It would include 2D and 3D artwork composed in a style that organizes and brings together objects with a common connection (purpose, color, time period, etc.)
  • The retail version of Collectionism: Pop Chart
[Indonesian flag] Bali

| | [weather image]

  1. Visas
  2. Currency Exchange Rate
  3. Cities/Towns
  4. Language
  5. Digital Nomads/Freelance
[South Korean Flag] 한국 물건
Korean related stuff.


  1. Korean Pop Songs from the 80s and 90s [youtube]
  2. Hanja links (Chinese characters learned in Korean schools)
  3. Vocabulary Videos A fun intro to Korean vocabulary by Jaehwi from KoreanClass101.com (youtube).
  4. Poetry

  5. Sijo (Korean poetic form) introduction - A basic guide to Sijo, with examples and links to more info.
  6. The Columbia Anthology of Modern Korean Poetry [pdf]
  7. Poetry by Kim Sowohl (Translated by Sekyo Nam Haines)
  8. Poetry by Lee Yuk Sa (Translated by Sekyo Nam Haines)
  9. Art

  10. Bojagi Wrapping Cloths - A video introduction by Youngmin Lee (vimeo).
  11. Kim Hong Do art gallery
  12. Historical

  13. Old books about Korea
  14. Korean Genealogy - tracing family names.