Useful handouts for activists

For handouts, I suggest you look at the items on ELNA’s website under “Get your red hot posters” (not my title! :-) ) here. In particular I’ve found these to be useful:

  • The One-Page Handy-Dandy Esperanto Startup Kit -- for people who are interested in learning more about the language. This has a small vocabulary, basic endings, pronunciation guide, and table of correlatives all on one sheet. You can even use this for an instant class. (Double-sided. I suggest printing on bright paper.)
  • That works!” -- a revised version of an older brochure. Lots of text about the language problem and what Esperanto offers. Legal-size paper (8-1/2 x 14), double sided. (I recommend white paper for this; it has lots of text.)
  • French conjugations.” I intended this as a poster, but it’s been surprisingly useful to demonstrate how much easier Esperanto is. When you tell people that they can learn Esperanto in a quarter of the time, and they wonder how, just show them this! Note that the French conjugations are almost exactly parallel to those in Spanish or Latin (and probably to Italian also) for those who haven’t studied French. (One side. I print this on hot-pink paper!)
  • English is Tough Stuff” -- amusing and demonstrates one of the problems with English. (One side. Use colored paper; I use canary.)
  • Questions and Answers about Esperanto” -- sort of a FAQ. Intended to turn activists into instant experts, at least for the most common questions that we get. For activists doing table displays or other publicity. (About 25 pages; print on anything you like since you won’t be handing it out.)
  • The Beer Poster. This is just ridiculously popular. If you hand these out, you’ll hear “Hey, I need that!” from people. (One sided. I recommend offset printing on white glossy paper; it’s more expensive but it looks and feels official.)

Last updated: 19 Aug 2005. Lupoprodukto.

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