File Managers and FTP Clients for Linux

Description: File manager. No FTP support. FTP in the next version?
GUI kit: Tcl/Tk.
Licensing Free for personal use. Shareware otherwise.
Other comments: Quite pretty (IMO) . Doesn't look ugly and grey. Interface is a lot like that on an ftp client. Quite nice. Very configurable, seemingly infinitely so. Support for tear-off menus. It basically works by means of a button panel which performs various operations. For example, the move button moves the file from left directory to right, 'XV' button launches XV. DOuble clicking on a file will launch an app. For example, double click on a ".C" file and it will launch a text viewer. Operations like tar, gzip , etc can all be performed from button panel.
Description: File manager and FTP client
GUI kit: Tcl/Tk.
Licensing GPL. It is suggested that you send a cool postcard to the author, but you are not obligated.
Other comments: Quite pretty (IMO) . Doesn't look as cute as X-Files. Still, the ftp thing is a plus. interface feels very "ftp-ish". Here is their feature list. Nice features:

Simple and powerful interface.
History and Hotlist (bookmarks).
Recursive directory menu of entire file system tree.
Browse FTP directories as easy as normal directories.
FTP capabilities:
Copy: FTP files/directories upload/download (recursive).
FTP Delete (recursive), FTP Makedir, FTP Rename.
Supports FTP through proxy.
FTP resume download function.
Rule based configuration of FTP site logins (password/user/proxy).
Asynchronous file transfer.
Cached directory listings.
Asynchronous file operations.
Built-in command shell windows. Synchronized with file panels. These have history, aliases and file name completion.
Extendable by adding your own command buttons.
Very configurable.
User defined file pattern / actions. (*.jpg -> launch image viewer etc.)
Distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Description: FTP client
GUI kit: Motif
Licensing Free (but uses motif)
Other comments: Uses afterstep icons. Colour can be configured. Default is ugly grey. Opened in a huge window. Need to change default geometry. I think this can probably be done post-compile. Looks quite nice. Most importantly, supports reget function. Worst thing about it is that it's too darn big (770k tar.gz format) since it's static motif. Still in developemental phases. I didn't test it heavily, but installed it and pressed some buttons without it crashing.
Description: WM add-on
GUI kit: XForms
Licensing GPL
Other comments: Not really a file manager in the same sense as the others. Definitely a utility though. The LSM entry calls it a "Desktop manager". I found it kind of confusing, but then, I am very tired right now.
Description: ?
GUI kit: Tix/Tcl/Tk.
Licensing GPL, but "binary only release due to code restrictions". ???
Other comments: Big (larger than 1 MB). Primary ftp site at Sunsite. Annoying that only the static binary is available.
Description: File manager.
GUI kit: Motif
Licensing GPL
Other comments: Motif. Static binaries not available on Sunsite.
Description: File manager.
GUI kit: Motif
Licensing GPL
Other comments: Static Motif. Ugghh. Haven't had the time to download yet. 1MB in tar.gz form.