This is a page of the software I've written.


Converts a tab delimited text file to a latex table. This is useful for converting spreadsheets, especially if you wish to post the spreadsheet on the web in a standard format ( such as PDF ). The advantage of a PDF file over a HTML table is that large HTML tables tend to choke browsers, and they don't print terribly well. ENough babbling.
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A GUI FTP client written in perl.

To run this, you need a UNIX system ( such as linux ) with perl, the perl-Tk module and the Net::FTP module. Linux users with an RPM based linux version can get these from The rpm2html database.

Installing is a little tricky. First, untar it, then put "elftp" somewhere in your path, and place the modules and classes directories somewhere else on your system ( eg /usr/local/elftp/ ). THen modify the first few lines of elftp to point to the right directory.

I'll make the install simpler when this is out of beta.

You can download it here


A simple perl script to write XFree86 Modelines. Details Here