The College Student by Eli the Bearded

Author: Eli the Bearded
Title: The College Student
Universe: Up-Goer Five Challenge
Summary: The Up-Goer Five Challenge is to write a story of any length using only the thousand (ten hundred) most common word roots (helpful editor I used to vet words)
Keywords: MF FF
Date: 30 January 2013

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That's 64 lines, 1116 words, and 5611 characters in the story, starting after the line.


The College Student

An Up-Goer Five Story by 'Eli_the_Bearded'

There once was a married couple who took a student in for the summer. Mr and Mrs White needed some more money, and Nod, the student need a place to be while college was out. Sounds simple enough, but there was a daughter, too.

One day Rose, the couple's daughter, saw Nod through a crack in his door to his bedroom. His jeans were down and she saw he was thick as a horse. She knocked and then quickly said "That's a fine piece you have down there."

Nod barely knew what to do. Rose was a beautiful blonde girl and had been in his dreams all week. He bit his lip and asked her in. She took his offer and then closed the door.

First she helped him all the way out of his clothes and then he took off her dress. There was no doubt that Rose was the best surprise of the summer. Next thing they were fucking and sucking like anything every day of the week.

Obviously mom noticed what was going on before long. She told Rose "You need to stop seeing Nod. He is supposed to just be living here. NOT doing you."

Rose blushed red, nervous, and told her mom, "But he's HUNG and his balls are so hot. He has a brain and a body, too. It is a perfect relationship. He can stick me again and again and still be hard. I've never had a boyfriend like him before. And he's kind, too."

Mom went pink. "We recognize that you are a young lady now, but really. Do I have to remind you he is paying to stay here? It is not right."

Rose screamed in anger and went off.

Mom now wanted to get a sense of this guy. She hid in his room and waited for him to come back. When he came in, Nod settled on the bed to read. When he put the book down it was to work at his computer. She did not see him smoke or look at bad pictures and thought to herself, "He does seem nice." When he went to the bathroom, she slipped out.

The next day, while Nod was at a store, Mrs White went into his room again. This time she looked at all of his stuff. She took all his things out and just searched for anything that might scare her. All afternoon she was at this and found nothing.

Nod suddenly burst in and asked "Why are you in my room?"

"Well, I didn't want to get into your business, but you crossed into mine when you started to do my daughter."

Nod got scared now. He loved that girl and wanted more than anything to avoid losing her. "Calm down," he said, "you are just afraid of seeing your children grow up. The problem is not me. Relax." He didn't think he'd have a chance in hell to change her mind, but then she sat on his bed to listen.

Nod continued, "Rose is a fine girl, not stupid like so many people I meet. And she seems to like me a lot. More than seems. I'm sure she loves me. You don't come across as crazy, so I think you should decide if you want to drive her out over me."

"What do you mean?" she asked in a small voice.

"I could easily move out to another place and I think that Rose would follow me. She is almost twenty and you have to understand she'd rather be with me than remain here with no boyfriend."

Mrs White reached out. "I, well, I'm not sure I'm ready for Rose to be a woman now. But she told me things about you. Things that make me want to have you instead of you having her. You see, my guy isn't man I once knew."

She broke down crying. Nod brushed her hair from her face. "What do you mean?"

"I miss climbing into bed and feeling him hard beside me. He never touches me any more. He does not look at me the way he once did. He does not kiss me or show that he loves me."

Nod had to ask, "So Mr White is cold to you? And that is why you want Rose and me to break up?"

Mrs White took off her top. "Touch my chest. Come and suck them. I want to feel like a woman again."

Nod was confused for a moment, but did as she asked. Mrs White continued to take off clothes, from herself and from Nod. "Take me. Use me. Stuff my throat. Fill my crack. Do my ass. Fuck me hard. Make me come and come and come."

Nod was there all evening. When Mrs White got dressed again she left with a happy expression on her face. She made an especially nice dinner for the family that night and everyone said how great it was.

The next day mom took Rose out shopping to tell Rose about that she had changed her mind about Nod. While they were gone, Nod went to have a talk with Mr White.

"Your family is concerned, sir," he said.

"What is this about?"

"They feel that you are far away all the time. Like you have stopped loving them. I don't want to ignore this because I like your family a lot."

Immediately Mr White looked serious. "I have never told them. I don't want to tell myself. But you seem to have been sent to help me. I don't really care for women, Nod. I tried to once. Now I can only look at men. I want to be with men. I want to surround myself in a world of men. But I have a family. And I have a safe life. And I don't want to suddenly give it all up. Coming out scares me."

Nod smiled. "I'd like to suggest something. Suppose..." Nod did not finish what he was saying. He took off his shirt. "I understand, sir. I think you want me."

Until then, Mr White had never really warmed to Nod, he feared to show himself. But now he burned for him. They fucked on the table, right there in the kitchen. It wasn't long before each of them had spent in the other seven times.

Eventually everyone found out everything. So now Nod is well settled with the Whites. He has mornings with Mom, afternoons with Dad, and evenings and week ends with Rose. Above all Nod has a completely amazing love life and a family that loves him.