Volunteer Opportunity with the Prelinger Archives

Archival Film Preparers

Prelinger Archives seeks volunteers to assist in an ongoing project to inspect, repair and catalog its home movie and amateur film collection. These 16mm, 8mm and Super 8 films will be prepared for digitization and eventually shared on the Internet Archive. In exchange for their hard work, this program teaches participants archival film handling skills and provides them with an introduction to the history of small gauge cinema. Coordinated and taught by Antonella Bonfanti (moving image archivist and graduate of the Selznick Graduate Program in Film Preservation at George Eastman House) and Rick Prelinger, the program is conducted in small groups of 3 or 4 individuals at the Internet Archive in the lively Richmond District of San Francisco. During the first six months of the program, volunteers successfully processed over 800 items. The project's focus has expanded to include Internet Archive's extensive 35mm stock footage collection.

The Prelinger Archives holds over 9,000 home movies and thousands of other films. Its mission is to collect, preserve and facilitate access to films of historic significance.

Ideal candidates will be:

Excited to learn film handling, repair and documentation skills.
Interested in the history of motion picture technology and moving image preservation.
Interested in home movies and amateur film production.
Patient and attentive to details.
Happy to work with their hands, as well as be able to work well individually and with others.
Available to commit to a minimum of 1 3-hour session per week for at least 2 months (preferably on Thursdays or Saturdays).

How to apply: Please submit a cover letter and your resume (including references) via e-mail to footage@panix.com by October 16th at 5pm. Be sure to include your availability in your cover letter (i.e. I am available to volunteer from 2-5pm Monday, Fridays and Saturdays twice a week).

Thank you for your interest in this position! We look forward to speaking with you.