Cuddle Withdrawal is a Difficult Thing

by Angus B. Grieve-Smith

Cuddle withdrawal is a difficult thing.
One long sweet night of soft embraces,
And I forgot
What it was like
To be alone.

It took a while to set in.
Mighty is the lone man with the taste of sweet woman still faint on his lips.

And then came a cloud of sadness,
A cloud of insecurity
And a cloud of hurt,
And I needed.

You were there, of course,
Distant by mutual consent,
With smiles and comfort aplenty.
But I am as alone as I have ever been.

Some day will I shatter?
Will I spill the beans,
And whine for the love that was not meant to be?
It has happened before.

But for now I will sit and wait
And some day be satisfied.

-September 6, 1995