Love Underwater

by Angus Grieve-Smith

The fish swims,
Back and forth.
Foraging, finding food.
Tasty food, interesting food.
Always moving.

Nearby, dolphins play.
They have eaten their fill,
And they play games.
In pairs they jump
High above the surace,
Where the fish can't go.

Dear fish!
See those dolphins,
Don't you want to jump so high?

You were a dophin for a while,
I can see it in your almost playful smile.

What heights did you reach, fish?
And why did you go back
To being a fish?

Oh, beautiful fish!
Come, let's see how high we can jump!
Or even
Just glide quietly under the surface,
Two parallel lines.

But your blood isn't warm enough
For the great sweeps of the tail.
Cold blood, cold!
Keeps you in the cold, thick water.

I wanted to warm your blood,
To see that broad dolphin grin,
But I guess I'm just another fish.

Never mind.
Leave your eggs by that rock there
And go.

February 18, 1993