She Has Legs

by Angus Grieve-Smith

I think I love you,
But I don't.
I am mesmerized by what you are supposed to be.
Your stockings excite me,
Your legs don't.

But do I want to swither my hand up and down them,
To feel how long and thin, how much
Like what you see on TV,
And to be ever more excited as I excite,
To discover that this is indeed what I have always been missing, what I always believed would be ecstasy?

Or do I want to discover that it was all in my mind?
That I was all in my mind,
That you were all in my mind,
That your legs
Were all in my mind?

"Hm, yeah, well, she's got nice legs. Nice and Long and Thin, but still got Hips."
Fits the formula.

r2dx = hot damn!

September 30, 1992