Super circle and Mega square

by Daniel Feder


Once some aliens built a robot. It looked sort of like Super circle only it was a square. The square’s name was Mega square. "HI" shouted Mega square. "Yeah it works" said an alien.

"I am going to protect Earth" said Mega square. "That’s not good" said an alien. Mega square blew a big bubble out of a box of bubbles that was on his head and flew to Earth. Mean while on Earth Super circle had to go to an office building called "Gasa." Super circle misread the map and ended up in NASA. While he was there a rocket came and landed on Super circle’s head and that knocked out Super circle. Aliens came out of the rocket. While Super circle was knocked out Mega square landed and started attacking the aliens. When Mega square killed all the aliens he took Super circle to the hospital. A few days later (when Super circle woke up) Super circle said "lets be sidekicks. Mega square kicked Super circle’s side. "I mean assistants" said Super circle. "Whose assistant?" asked Mega square. "Each others," answered Super circle. The next day the aliens were really mad that Mega square was helping Super circle save the world (Earth, to the aliens). The aliens had an evil idea. They started throwing bombs at Earth. Meanwhile on Earth Super circle and Mega square noticed the bombs. They flew up to get the bombs and they exploded. Super circle’s creator was really smart so Super circle was impenetrable. If he blew up he’d just get put back together. The aliens weren’t that smart so Mega square was still in pieces. Super circle used his powers to make the bombs backfire. The aliens blew up. Super circle fixed Mega square.


Ó 2002 by Daniel Feder