A Quick Trip to Macau
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Macau (also spelled Macao) is a Portuguese-administered territory in southern China, about 40 miles west of Hong Kong.   It will revert to Chinese sovereignty in December 1999 under the same basic "one country, two systems" formula used with Hong Kong.

Because of stepped-up enforcement against pirate CD production in southern China, pirates have been setting up production facilities in Hong Kong and Macau.   Our delegation had its second face to face meeting with Macanese authorities on this trip.

Cloudbank near Hong Kong After a day of meetings in Hong Kong, we headed over to Macau for consultations with the authorities there.  Our departure was delayed several hours because Hong Kong had declared a "black storm" alert, closing schools and urging people to stay at home (it was reported later that the rain in Hong Kong was the worst in 70 years).

By late morning we were heading across the Pearl River estuary on the one-hour jetfoil ride to Macau.

Macau's skyline is now characterized by these boxy modern buildings constructed during the building boom that took place in the 80s.  Most of these buildings are dark at night -- a sign of the high vacancy rate. Macau Skyline
Macau Harbor - Suspension Bridge Downtown Macau is on the Chinese mainland and is connected by bridges to two small islands that are also part of the territory [click here for a map].  This bridge doubles as a dramatic gateway for boats arriving from Hong Kong.


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