Beijing - June 1998
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Under our 1995 bilateral agreement with the Chinese on enforcement of intellectual property rights, the U.S. engages in regular consultations with the Chinese side several times a year.  These pictures are from our most recent trip, in June 1998.
Me and Mao Here I am with Chairman Mao.  This statue faces a twin across the intersection.  Both are part of a university campus that we passed on the way back from our first round of consultations.
I'm told that much of old Peking looked like this, with low one- and two-story buildings and narrow alleyways.  There's still a lot of this left, but it's rapidly being destroyed to make way for new construction. Old Peking Neighborhood
Old Peking Neighborhood Being Razed Here's another old  neighborhood in the process of being razed.
Building the new Beijing:  Construction cranes are a familiar sight all over the city. Construction Cranes

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