Hong Kong - September 1998

I've been out to Hong Kong with U.S. IPR delegations several times, but I have had precious little time to get to see the place.  On my trip to Vietnam, however, I had to spend a night in Hong Kong on both the outbound and return trips.  That gave me a few hours on the way and about half a day on the way back to be a tourist.  Here's some of my pictures.
hk3flags.jpg (28104 bytes) These flags in front of my hotel sum up Hong Kong's post-colonial status.  In the background is the Chinese flag.  The red flag with the white flower in the middle is the new Hong Kong flag.  The flag in the foreground is for the Swire Group, one of the old hongs.
Double-decker busses are one of the reminders of Hong Kong's recent colonial past.  I snapped this picture because I was amused by the advertisement on the side which says "This bus has ears."  I'm listening... hkbusears.jpg (37223 bytes)
hkpark1.jpg (39759 bytes) Hong Kong park lies between my hotel and the U.S. Consulate General, where we often have meetings.  It's a favorite site for weddings.  Several were taking place on this Sunday afternoon as I strolled through.
A typical Hong Kong skyscraper. hktower.jpg (31539 bytes)

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