Assistance in Authoring Web Pages

for those who may want to set up their own site

but are not sure how to go about it.

As you've probably surmised, JV III is providing free listings for businesses and freelancers associated with the NYC film production community, in the NYC Film Production Resources Locator. These basic, simple directory listings are provided without charge, and they can be linked to both web pages and e-mail addresses.

This page is addressed to those who aren't content with just being listed and are contemplating a web site of their own.

If you've spent time browsing the web, you have an inkling of the potential that exists there, and you probably have some good ideas about what might be included in a page or two of your own. But maybe you aren't convinced that you want to invest the time and resources to:

If you want to consider having pages done for you, I can be of assistance...

Visiting the NYC Film Production Resource Locator, you've noticed that it's organized as a directory linking to pages that can vary from a basic calling card... to a brochure... to full-fledged online catalogs with graphics, photos, prices, order forms, etc.

While I'm not really in business as a full-time commercial authoring service, providing commercial graphics, forms, filmclips or animation and the like, I do have a good understanding of the fabric of commercial film production, and I have the resources and background to create articulate and descriptive pages.

The pages can be linked to any number of sites, search engines, etc. (certainly not limited to the Resource Locator) and of course they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. I'm finding that web publishing is significantly cheaper than traditional printing. And a customer can receive your handout just by referring him to the right URL..

I want to help people who seek basic visibility on the Web, but don't necessarily require a complicated graphical or interactive approach, especially the scene shops, the gel suppliers, grip trucks, caterers, stylists, sound stages..... individuals and small businesses that address themselves to the interests and needs of the film production community (its own virtual small-town within the larger city).

My philosophy toward page construction favors simplicity. I prefer to use string-searchable words more than image-maps, frames, forms, animations or high-res graphics. In this way bandwidth is conserved, pages load quickly, and people can surf on about their business.

I see the web's potential as an extensive reference tool that could let a producer know that you have a lighting truck for rent, or that you're the one who AD'd that big MCI shoot last spring, or that you're loft is a rentable shooting space. Print directories may do this to some extent, but a web site gives you the opportunity for comprehensive detail in explaining what you can do and what resources you have for doing it.

I also see web pages as a way to giving smaller players some effective and affordable visibility next to larger businesses and maybe diminish some otherwise competitive disadvantages.

If you decide you want help with building a site of your own just let me know.

The easiest way is by e-mail.

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Jim Jenkins

Revision: 10-31-97