Ukindia Learn to Read Hindi (Warning: the early lessons, at least, include misspellings because they haven't taught all of the writing system yet).

Lesson 1

मन MN mind (?)
नमक NMK (namuk) salt
मर MR murr (?)
रम RM rum (?)
रन RN run (?)
कम kam less (?)
कर kar do (?)
नमक कम कर make it less salty
सर sir (?)
मस्क musk (?)

स S
स् half S

Unicode FAQ on how to represent half consonants

Lesson 2

मा maa mother
मामा maamaa mother's brother
मार्च maarch March
स्मारट smart (shown here with half S) (?)

Lesson 3

टमाटर tmaatr tomato
सच sch (such) truth (?)
कार car (?)
मिस miss (?)
टीम team (?)

ठ THE (as in moTHEr)

Lesson 4

ज़ुलम zulm = injustice

श SH (where did the dot go?)

Lesson 5

ये कया है - Ye Kyaa Hae ? - What is this?
ये this
कया what
है is

Lesson 5

डॉक्टर doctor
gyan knowledge

Table of Characters

अ A आ AA इ I ई EE उ U ऊ OO ए AE ऐ AAE ओ O औ AU (detached vowels)
- A ा AA ि I ी EE ु U ू OO े AE ै AAE ो O ौ AU ri (vowel marks)
क K ख KH ग G घ GH ङ N (gutturals from back of throat)
च CH छ CHH ज J झ JH ञ N (palatals touch tongue to hard palate)
ट T ठ TTH ड D ढ DH ण N (cerebrals - roll tongue right back)
त T' थ TH' द TH ध THH न N (dentals - touch tongue to teeth)
प P फ F ब B भ BH म M (labials - lips closed)
य Y र R ल L व V श SH ष SHH स S ह H (semi vowels - lips and throat open)
ं (bindu - typically an N sound)
ग़ GHH
ज़ Z (looks like J with dot)
Combinations: च्च = च ्  च (chch)
रू = र ू
त्त = त  ् त


् virama/halant (for half consonants)
ा AA
ि short i
ी I
ु short u
ू U
े AE as in Ape
ै deeper AE as in Apple
ॉ short aa
ो O
ौ au (as in crOcodile)

Other Notes

एक 1 (or indefinite article)
दो 2
तीन 3
चार 4
दस 10
लाख 100,000
और and
हिन्दी Hindi
दिल heart
कारीपत्ता curry leaf
गुलाब rose
जामुन jamun (according to Kumar)
जल water (e.g. गुलाब जल)
लस्सी lassi
एलैची cardamom ("elaichi" is on the banana label at Food Bazaar - why?)
इलायची पावडर cardamom powder (from label of Kapol Masala, Mumbai)
राई mustard seed
जीरा cummin

सत्यमेव जयते (sanskrit for Truth Alone Triumphs - motto of India)
ब्लॉग blog
बम्बई or मुम्बई or मुंबई Mumbai
भारत India
दिवाली Divali
ईद उल-फ़ित्र Eid ul-Fitr
"Diwali aur naya saal Mubarak" (Happy Diwali and a Happy New Year)

Bollywood people: आमिर ख़ान, अमिताभ बच्चन, अभिषेक बच्चन, संजय दत्त

क्रिकेट: सौरव गांगुली (सौरभ is also seen but not preferred on wikipedia), अनिल कुंबले

Cricket shows: मैच के मुजरिम

Movie Titles

लगान land tax
दिल चाहता है what the heart wants
वीर ज़ारा Veer Zaara (two proper names)
तेरा जादू चल गया movie title (not sure about the spelling)
मोहब्बतें love stories
विरासत dynasty
बाग़बान baghbaan

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Platts, John T. (John Thompson). A dictionary of Urdu, classical Hindi, and English. London: W. H. Allen & Co., 1884. (When I tried a search, I always got no results. Not sure whether this is a technical problem on their end and if there is a way around it).

Kumar, Kavita, Hindi-English Phrase Book, published by Rupa & Co, New Delhi, 2004